Chapter 43: New Beginning

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3rd person's pov

It was usual For Kuro and Mahiru to just get back to their rutein. Mahiru was going to school then Go home with the Black Cat along with him.

Ryusei, Koyuki and Sakuya already Knows the news about Being Mahiru and Kuro together. That they were in that kind of Relationship. Mahiru was always being teased by those two and it made Mahiru's face red as it can be.

Kuro too. But he is good at Hiding his Blush.

Currently Was just a normal day, Mahiru was playing games with Kuro. Who ever shall win will do whatever the Winner wants.

Mahiru was almost Winning when Kuro suddenly gave him a Kiss and lost. Mahiru pouted.

"Mou~ Kuro its unfair." Mahiru whined.

"What is Unfair?" Kuro ask with a smirk.

"You always Win." Mahiru said.

"You know I'm a King of Gamer." Kuro said a little bit of Pride in his voice.

"I swear I beating you, You always Cheat." Mahiru said.

"How?" Kuro ask Curiously.

"You always Distract me." Mahiru said with a Pout.

Kuro smile and kiss Mahiru again. "Its your fault for falling for it." Kuro said.

Mahiru pouted more. "Mou~."

Kuro chuckle. "You are Cute this way. Now That I win You shall do my request." Kuro said and smirk.

Mahiru smirk a little too. "What Do you want me to do~? Sleepy Ash-Sama~?" Mahiru said and leaning Close to Kuro.

Kuro blush at What Mahiru just call him. He smirk and pull mahru close to him.

"Sat on my Lap and kiss me Passionately." Kuro said.

Mahiru blush a Little, He look down. "Yo-You... Kn-Know... Tha-that I-I ca-Can't d-do tha-That..." Mahiru argue.

"But you can Sit on my Lap Right?" Kuro said.

Mahiru nod and crawl towards Kuro. He sat down at Kuro's Lap. Kuro wrap his Arm around Mahiru's Waist and Started to kiss His Angel passionately, Full of Love and gentle.

There kiss didn't Last long when they heard a BANG sound.

Mahiru jolted, Kuro and Him look at the direction where the sound was. They saw that its from the balcony of Mahiru's Apartment. Mahiru stand up and open the curtains and saw Mikuni was standing there smiling with a snake in his Neck.

Mahiru sigh and smile a little, He was disappointed that He and Kuro's Kiss didn't last that long.

Kuro was angry at the intruder and Glare at Him deadly. Mikuni felt that presence but ignore it, Jeje was the one who is scared for His Eve, with his Brothers cold eyes it gives him chill.

Once inside the living room, Mahiru close the Curtains and Both Kuro and Jeje did transform to their human form. Well when Mikuni enter Kuro transform into a Catbsince the sun did hit on him.

"Meduksei..." kuro said lazily, He can't believe that this Guy is here and worst he ruin there moment.

"Hey, Mikuni-san. Jeje-san." Mahiru said as he bow politely at them.

Mikuni smile at Mahiru, Jeje was shock a little. Mahiru is really a well mannered child, His brother is Too damn Lucky to have mahiru in his side.

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