Chapter 6: change 1-Cleaning

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3rd person's pov

"You know Ash, I like your voice when you don't shutter. Its kinda cool. And Also, I like it when you smile its A great scene"

Ash keep thinking of those words over and over again in his sleep. He can't help but to smile and roll over to his bed while thinking about that and imagining Mahiru's voice and face was making him happy. Ash Is smilling its like the world is gonna end but he did.

Ash look at his phone and saw the time is already 11:30 am. He look at his room once more and sigh it was messy. He look at his phone to find a unknown message. He open it.

From: Unknown.

Hey Ash, Good morning its mahiru. I'm greatful for yesterday. Thanks for saving me 😊

Ash wanted to scream, but he can he was just grinning like an Idiot. The message was sent early in the morning. 6:30 am. So Ash conclude that Mahiru is an early person.m, but who cares as long as its Mahiru He don't mind.

Ash save the number and even write it so he won't lost it he keep Mahiru's number safetly.

To: Mahiru

Hey, its nothing. Thanks for your hospitality again.

Ash felt great to receive Mahiru's number. Finally he and mahiru will somehow will contact each other. Thats a start.

Ash put his phone aside and start to gather his clothes that is laying on the floor literally everywhere. He put it on the basket and arrange it. He arrange and organize the other stuff such as controllers and etc and gather the garbages. After that he went out of his room and found Love and Mother was sitting in the couch talking.

"Maybe you should really get a Job. A family that can be trusted with our secret." Mother said as she was talking to Love.

"I know one, but.... Would Nii-san approve?" Love said.

"What would I approve?" Ash walk in in their conversation. Love smile and Mother sigh.

"Oh, Nii-san. Perfect timing." Love said happily he pat the sit next to him. But ash Sit next to his sister because surely anytime soon Love will stop Stripping. And he had to admit, he find it discusting.

Ash look at the waiting for them to talk.

"Go on Love talk." Mother said.

"O-oh ok." Love said nervously and look at Ash. "Yo-you see Nii-san. Our budget for today is kinda off. If you like the idea of stilling its fine. But we know that you will disagree with it, and the money and expenses our increasing. So I thought to find a job as a butler...... and A servamp." Love said looking at Ash nervously.

Ash widen his eyes. Its ok if love will be work as a butler but a servamp? He mean they were made for that, in the first place its there species. But its hard to trust a human because he knows humans might be betrayed. And They are risking there own lives with it. You see in this Story, The servamp is different.

Once you will make a contact to humans they will become your master-your eve. And As A servamp you shall follow his/her order wherever its bad or good. Not that too, the servamp has no right to betray nor leave there master. Only the Eve can do that to the servamp.

Ash isn't the type of person who like decision. Infact he hated it, because of their past. But....

Ash sigh. "I gave you my permission as a Yes. But love, you do know the consiquences to this right?" Ash said seriously.

"I know Nii-san. You will not to be the blame if something might happen to me. But I'm sure that my new eve will be trustable. All though is isn't nice but I know he is trustworthy." Love said give Ash a resuring smile.

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