Chapter 28: old Child

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru and Kuro was still asleep in there beds when they heard rhe door bell ring. Kuro was the first to wake up and got annoyed by the shound. He groan and sat up, he look at Mahiru who is sleeping damn peaceful, and Kuro has no heart to brake that Peaceful face of Mahiru so Instead he stand up and annoyingly went to open the door. He glare to whoever is it.


"Oh~ Nii-san~ Looks like your having a bad day, Let me strip to make it better." Lily said already stripping.

"DON'T STRIP!" both Ash and Misono yelled at Lily. Lily just gave an innocent smile and fix his clothes.

"Mahiru?" Misono ask.

"Asleep." Kuro answer and walk inside the apartment.

"That is unusual since its already pass 8, he should be awake." Misono said looking at his wrist watch and walking inside along with Kuro.

Then they heard the a door open and saw Mahiru walking outside.

"Morning Kuro, Misono, Lily." Mahiru said still half a sleep. His eyes widen when...

"Morning Mahiru, I shall shrip with this." Lily said already is Stripping. Mahiru run away to the bathroom.

Misono smack Lily's ribs. "How dare you invade Mahiru's pure eyes!?" Misono said angrily.

"Hehehe~ Its just its so great to be beautiful." Lily said with a smile.

Misono just roll his eyes and sat down on the chair that he had, Probably his lead.

"Menduksei..." Kuro said as he lay on the floor and plug in the games and play again. He remember when the twins declared him as the King of Gamers, He smile a little with the scene.

If only the twins knew what you were they would run away~

The voice in his head again said. Kuro just ignore it and play with his games. He remember having a Tickle fight with them, He had to admit that is the first time he laugh along with those centuries. And its fun becAuse they were enjoying there moments together. Kuro would just hope that it will happen again.

But you know it won't

Kuro sigh again and focus on his game.


Kuro look behind and saw Lily.

"You look, Different today. Your awra is something that is Good, and you been giving a small smile to your self. Something good happened?" Lily ask Gently.

Kuro just sigh loudly. "Yeah.., I guess I just have fun yesterday. " kuro said.

"Oh, Ash... You never said those words. Your really are changing, Perhaps because of Your Love in your life~ I'm so Proud of You Nii-san~" lily said happily. "I shall strip with this!"

"Don't!" Ash almost yelled, but a book hit Lily. Kuro sigh gladly Lily has a Abnormal eve.

But he actually Blush when he heard What Lily just said, it was un natural for himself too. Because he didn't really think about him Changing, Yet... Its Mahiru was the one slowly changing him, the one who bring smile to him. The one He love at the first sight.

"Misono, Lily did you guys have Breakfast already?" Mahiru ask as he walk inside the living room.

"Not yet, we hope to have breakfast with you since I miss your cooking." Misono said.

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