Chapter 61: After the event

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru was brought to the hospital, To One of the hospital that Alicen's Own. Yet again, He was unconscious due to the fact on what happened. He got a slice in the shoulder, some cuts on his Back and some on the thights.

The doctor said that there is no indication that Mahiru was completely Rape, But some Hikeys are found in his Collarbone to his chest.

Which Kuro filled the room with deadly killer intent. He only dream to touch and mark Mahiru that Way, But some of Other bastard touches What is his, More importantly his Lover, Well lets just say if Kuro saw that Guy he will bring hell to him.

But Kuro worried about that Later, currently its been a day and a Half that Mahiru didn't wake up. He was laying on the bed at Alicen's Mansion peacefully.

Misono said that Mahiru would be better if he stays on the mansion so he won't panic or Anything. And Kuro can't agree more. Beside in here he had privacy. In the hospital it will be difficult to deal.

Misono on the other hand was happy that Nothing happened much to Mahiru but was angry with his Father actions. When his father knkws that he is safe, His father flew to Paris with other business. Misono just wanted to hit his father so that Mikado will have a common sense.

"Thinking again Shrimp?" Tetsu said as he saw Misono was staring at the balcony with a Wind thatbis blowing his hair.

"Yeah... You know I just want to Make sense to my Bastard of a Father and confirm something with him." Misono said and sigh again. "Mahiru.... I'm worried for him though." Misono said.

A storng yet warm hands encircled around Misono's waist. Misono was surprise and blush at the moment. Tetsu lean down and rest his chin on Misono's Shoulder.

"Relax, Calm down. I'm sure if big brother Mahiru is awake he won't like your face..... Either I." Tetsu said, Misono look at tetsu in confusion.

"Either I don't like your sad face. I usually like your bitter face, it makes you even more Cutter." Tetsu said.

Misono blush a million shade of red and hit Tetsu on the stomach ( As if Tetsu is being affected which was No) which shove Tetsu away from him. Currently his face is red as a tomato.

When Misono turn around he saw Lily was smirking and was holding a Camera in the door way. While old child was just sitting in bed giving a Sigh.

Misono glare at his servamp.

"Lily! Delate that picture now!" Misono commanded.

Lily shook his head and run probably hide the Camera and the pictures.

But Before misono can run towards lily Tetsu held him. "Stay here with me just a couple of minutes." Tetsu said with pleading eyes that Misono's heart melted in looking at those beautiful blue eyes. Misono blush and nod. Soon both of them was standing in the balcony.

"So? Where is your brother and The Angel?" Tetsu ask.

"They are both looking for the one who kidnap us. They need to know something and confirm it." Misono said.

"I see... " tetsu said and his hand was holding Misono which Misono's heart was damn fast and it feels like he had an anxiety. But it wasn't..

"Can I ask you a sensitive Question?" Tetsu look at Misono. Misono nod.

"Do you... Forgive your brother for what he did?" Tetsu ask. Misono look down, but Tetsu lift his chin and make him(misono) look at him(tetsu). Tetsu look at Misono who is blushing but at the sametime had a Sad eyes.

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