64: A night to remember

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3rd person's pov

Kuro run to find his lover was on the garden. Sitting under the big tree with his knees was on his chest. Kuro's heart sink in seeing his sweet, Lovable eve was crying. It hurts Kuro's heart seeing this scene.

"Mahiru?" Kuro called and can't held but reach out Mahiru and let Mahiru cry on him. Mahiru clenched Kuro's blue jacket and cry.

He cry because it was so hurtful.

He cry because his Mother was being killed.

He too should be death.

He too was a useless brat (just like his father call him)

He too was a mistake. (Because he knows That His mom and dad were never married and.. He was born by Mistake)

All of those hurt. Mahiru suffer most both mentally and physically when his mother died. If isn't for Licht who was in his side, if isn't for Misono, Mikuni, Lawless and specially his lover that was beside him giving him hope each passing days.

Then Everything will fall apart.

It hurts Mahiru the most because his sweet mother wAs being killed, And not by accident. Mahiru's world suddenly fall apart, But not totally.

A part of him is Ok because Kuro was there beside him.

But a Part of him is broken because his mother was gone.

Mahiru can't help but just to cry.

Kuro held his lover tightly whispering some encouraging words to make Mahiru better. He gave a gentle kiss on Mahiru's forehead.

"Pls... Stop crying, I hate seeing it. It hurts me when you were hurt." Kuro said with gentle and soothing voice.

Mahiru how much he wanted to be ok, Let his emotions flow and control him. He cry at Kuro as much.

Kuro can help but to be worried at his lover, can't help to feel anger at Misono's Father for killing Mahiru's mother and almost attempted to kill Mahiru too when Mahiru was just 6, Just 6. Its something unforgivable.

But Kuro can be realated to what Mikado did. It was the same mistake he did in the past. He killed his Creator because he thought it was the right thing to do, but turns out it wasn't. But for Kuro, He can now move on with that with Mahiru guiding him. But with his light is also broken like this. Kuro felt that he too was broken.

He hate seeing Mahiru in this state.

After for some time who knows how long,

Kuro saw his lover was sleeping in his arms. Kuro smile a bit and gave a kiss to Mahiru's Forehead.

I swear I'm not gonna leave you.


Kuro carry him towards their room and put Mahiru on the bed as gentle as he can be. He layed next to Mahiru and went to examine Mahiru's face.

"Hope you will be ok." Kuro said and gave one more kiss at Mahiru.


Mikuni on the other hand, Can't take the guilt his dealing with. He even started to doubt his self a couple of times if what he did was good or not.

He killed his own mother for Misono's sake, but the price to pay was almost deadly. It almost killed Mahiru and literally killed his Mother.

Mikuni can help blame hisself for Mahiru's mother death. If he didn't did all of that then Mahiru's mother would be alive and he and Misono should be already dead by now.

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