Chapter 18: The Contract 1

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru after that white light appeared stared at Ash.

"Wh-What was that?" Mahiru said confusedly.

Mahiru was worried about Ash since Ash was there sitting like a frozen Statue.

"Ash! Ash! Ash!" Mahiru keep calling and wave infront of Ash, But when he touch Ash cheeks Ash fell down and went unconscious.

Mahiru panic a little and was worried about Ash. So all he did is to carry Ash towards the couch and lay Ash there properly even he is having a hard time since Ash is Heavy.

Mahiru sigh and re-think, Why is Ash here at the first place, How did he get here anyway?

Mahiru keep thinking and decided to shoo that thought away and start cleaning and turn on the Vacuum.

The sound of the Vacuum Made Ash woke up, he hates the sound of that no matter what. So he groan and start to sat up, he heard the sound was no longer there and he look around And met up with Mahiru concerned face.

"Are you alright Ash?" Mahiru ask.

Ash blinked once or twice before he remembered what happened.

"Oh no! Can't deal! Can't deal! Can't deal! Can't deal!" Ash literally scream in his head. He close his Eyes and try to calm down. He take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Is now or never he will tell mahiru. But how?

"Ma-Mahiru?" Ash called nervously.

"Yes Ash?" Mahiru said and sat down beside Ash.

"Ahm...Do-Do you b-by any ch-chance be-belive on vampires?" Ash ask looking down.

Mahiru was confused but shook his head. "No, Because I didn't see one, Why?" Mahiru said, ash Look at Mahiru and try to be serious but With Mahiru tilting his head cutely, Its impossible to be serious to him. Ash just gulp.

"Ha-have you hea-heard a-a servant Vampire ca-called Servamps?" Ash said playing with his finger.

"No." Mahiru reply softly.

Ash sigh and try to relax. "Relax, Relax, Relax, You need to explain things even ifs too troublesome you need to, For Mahiru, For Mahiru!"

Ash thought. He take a deep breath and breath it out slowly and look at Mahiru.

"You see I'm a Servamp, A servant Vampire. You just made a temporary Contract with me." Ash said little shy but he was glad he didn't shuttred.

Mahiru tilt his head in confusion. Oh Ash thinks his Nose is gonna bleed anytime soon with the cuteness his receiving.

"How did I set a contract with you?" Mahiru ask.

Ash was shock at first. "Yo-you belive me?" Ash ask shocking, mahiru smile at Ash.

"Is there any reason that you will lie to me?" Mahiru ask softly with a smile.

Ash was shock a bit. Truly Mahiru is a kind-hearted kid. Ash shook his head.

"No, But I was surprised that you believe in me." Ash said.

Mahiru took Ash rough, cold big hand and touch it with his small ones. "I always believe in a friend, and Since your a friend I always believe in you." Mahiru said as he smile.

Ash count one two three before he tilt his head backwards to prevent his nose bleeding. Mahiru's smile is somehow beautiful and nice to see.

Ash calm down, And sigh.

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