Chapter 63: Truth within the sin

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru prepared the breakfast for them all. And they chattered different arguments in the table nor be playful. Misono order all the maids to never enter the kitchen nor the dinning room
Because it will be a great risk if one of them found out about Mikuni is being here. Mikuni is still forbidden to come in the mansion anyway.

After dinner they decided to be on the loby for a while because they need to
Tell Mahiru about something.

Misono took a deep breath and started.

"Mahiru, We need to tell you something about Yuuzuo." Misono said.

Mahiru smile sadly but signal Misono to go on.

"Well, Yuuzuo is trap in the basement under our mansion." Misono said.

"You mean the one that is located in the left side?" Mahiru ask.

"How'd you know?" Licht ask.

"Well, Thats when I found Mikuni-san.... After that particular Event." Mahiru explained.

Licht glare deadly at Mikuni who look down.

Misono sigh and cut off ." So, he is trap there. What should we do?" Misono ask.

"Ofcourse. Free him." Mahiru said.

"He might hurt you guys once again." Lawless said.

"Then let me talk to him, Without you guys be a bother. I only need him and me to talk and you can wait outside is that Ok?" Mahiru said.

Everyone nodded they know that Mahiru is good at talking to someone anyway.

"But ifhe hurts you, I'll personally Hurt him too." Kuro murmur in his cat form as Mahiru was patting him. Mahiru smile at Kuro. "Don't. Just stop him is enough.." mahiru said.

"Your too kind with your being." Old child commented.

"Yeah I agree with him." Jeje said.

"Thanks for the com-"

They heard a knock in the door leading to where they are now. Lily stand up and went towards the door. They saw a maid of the house is talking to Lily where Mikuni make sure he is well hidden from the maids eye.

When the maid go and lily close the door he turn his face to Misono.

"Your father is here and seems he wanted to see you." Lily said.c

Misono "tsk" in annoyance and went back to his cold face once more. Then Mikuni stand up too.

"Misono, I will come with you. I need to ask him about something still." Mikuni said seriously.

Misono was shock. "Wait? Are you sure?" Misono ask.

"Yes I am." Mikuni said determined.

Misono can't believe it but nod along the way and signal Mikuni to followed. Once the envy pair and lust pair where gone, The rest did the same. Licht went to his room with hyde to practice piano.

Old child had went with Tetsu.

Mahiru and Kuro stay in the loby for a couple of minutes.

Kuro transformed into a human form.

"Are you sure you wanted to talk to him alone? Do you want me to come along?" Kuro ask as he held his lover close to him.

"No, I'm fine handling him. I know what he feels. Losing his sister that is everything to him." Mahiru said as he rest his head on Kuro's chest so thus his two hands.he look down.

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