Chapter 67: caring Kuro

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⚠️ Warning: some abusive scene.

3rd person's pov

When Kuro and Mahiru reach there place Kuro notice the sad looking face of Mahiru. It was down. Kuro understand this since Mahiru was currently broken because of what happened to his Mother.

Kuro sigh and jump from the shoulder of his eve to the ground and transform into a Human form.

"I'll carry this." Kuro said as he held the bag of Mahiru. Mahiru smile at Kuro.

"Thank you." Mahiru said.

Kuro smile a little at Mahiru. "Its nothing. Your... Not ok so I want to make you happy as long as your here." Kuro said and kiss mahiru on the forehead.

Mahiru smile at Kuro, He was so lucky that he had a sweet boyfriend such as Kuro.

"Thank You and I love you." Mahiru said and smile a little at Kuro.

Kuro smile at Mahiru. He likes hearing that and it makes him happy that he had Mahiru the angel on his side currently.

"Love you too." Kuro reply with a blush in his cheek so thus Mahiru.

When they reach the apartment, as the elevator opened what Mahiru saw did shock him. Infront of his apartment is a Girl rather Young one, and A 30 + Years old guy who is flirting.

Kuro 'tsk ' at such as human stupid actions and look at Mahiru. He was slightly Curious and Worried at Mahiru's Shock-pale face.

"Mahiru? Are you ok?" Kuro ask waving his hand infront of Mahiru.

"Mahiru?" Kuro called again, No respond.

"Mahiru?" Kuro was really worried.

"MahiMahi?" Kuro called.

Mahiru snap out at this and look at Kuro with scared and ready to cry face.

Kuro was shock at this and look at Mahiru with concerns.

"Whats Wrong?" Kuro ask slightly.

"Ku-Kuro..." mahiru said as fear is present in his beautiful Brown like honey color eyes. Kuro hate seeing his lovers eyes filled with fear.

"Mahiru?" Kuro said as he caressed Mahiru's cheeks ever so softly.

"Pls... Trans.. to.. a Cat." Mahiru said with a pleading look but fear is still present in his eyes.

"Hu-Huh?" Kuro was shock a bit at Mahiru's action.

"Pls..." mahiru said and held Kuro's hand that was on his Cheek. Mahiru gave a small smile.

Kuro sigh but was still concern towards Mahiru. "Ok." Kuro said and transformed good thing his Those two people are busy flirting not knowing A Man with blue hair just transformed into a Cat.

When Kuro was already a Cat, Mahiru held him. He can feel that Mahiru was trembling with no reason at all. Mahiru got his Bag and about to walk away when:

"Where in hell are you going?"

Mahiru stop, that Voice was familliar. That voice is one demons voice.
That voice is ...

Mahiru turn around with his Fear increasing, Rapid beats can be heard by Kuro who is now fully worried.

"Fa-Fa-Father?" Mahiru murmur out of fear. Kuro now look at the man infront of him then to Mahiru. He look back and forth and yes they are kinda look alike.

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