Chapter 44: The Date

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3rd person's pov

Kuro was currently Watching A Tele-Novela. He was watching how Couples go on the date and have Fun together. For Kuro its all troublesome but...... He also Wanted to ask Mahiru on a Date. Because They only have a Date just Twice, the first one wasn't even an Official date. It was a friendly Date and the second one is something that They went to Confess to each other which Kuro like the best.

It was the best of his Memory.

"Kuro~." A sweet voice call him.

Kuro look behind and saw his lover sat beside him.

"What are you watching?" Mahiru ask.

"Nothing really...." Kuro said and held Mahiru's Hand. Mahiru hand was small, Warm and Smooth. It was like Mahiru's hand are made for him to hold.

"Your hands is really cold, Yet its Soothing Kuro." Mahiru said and lean his Head on Kuro's Shoulder. "I like it How you held mine." Mahiru said and smile a little.

Kuro blush at that and held Mahiru's Hand as gentle as he can be. "I like your hands too, Its warm, soft and nice." Kuro lift Mahiru's Hand and kiss It which Made Mahiru blush. "Specially when I'm Holding it." Kuro said and smile a little.

Mahiru gave a smile at Kuro. "Tha-Thanks For the Compliment," mahiru said nervously and smile.

Kuro lean forward and Kiss Mahiru on the lips. Mahiru was shock a Bit but close his eyes and let Kuro kiss Him. He wrap his hands on Kuro's Neck as Kuro one hand was on his waist and one was on his Cheek. The kiss was gentle at First but It became passionate when Kuro started to lick Mahiru's Lips which Cause Mahiru to open it. And atlast Kuro can Taste his Sweet Lover.

When the kiss ended, Mahiru can Just Fall for those beautiful Crimson red eyes deeper and deeper. It was looking at him full with Love and care. Kuro did the same, For fall those beautiful Eyes that Captivated him. He wanted to see those Beautiful, Crystal-Like Honey Colored eyes. It was beautiful.

"Oh God Kuro, Are you sure that You didn't Went outside within Those years? Your a good Kisser." Mahiru teased a bit.

Kuro blush and smile at Mahiru. "Never did I love someone as Much I love you. I didn't Go out After (Kuro close his Eyes not wanting to mentioned that, But this was Mahiru, His Lover, The guy he love and trust) ... After I killed him... But yet again your my first Eve and First Master, My first Love and The first person I trust Mahiru. You are everything To me." Kuro said said as he look at Mahiru with Loving eyes.

Mahiru smile and gave Kuro a peck slightly. "How about Before You kill Him? Did you have someone you love?" Mahiru ask sincerely. He knows this is a Sensitive Topic for Kuro but he was curious how Kuro was such a Good Kisser.

Kuro Shook his head. "No, It was too troublesome."

"Let me guess You just Procastinating in your own room right?" Mahiru teased a Bit.

Kuro blush a Bit and nod. "I'm A servamp of Sloth, You do not expect me To do anything. " kuro said.

"So If I'm in danger you will just be lazy and watch me?" Mahiru ask.

Kuro shot his eyes open. "NO! I'll
Willing to risk My life for you to be safe. I'm that Desperate With you, No, I'm that Inlove with you." Kuro said sincerely.

Mahiru smile brightly at Kuro and put his Hand on Kuro's Cheeks. "My love for You Is Something Undescribable. Its was too good and too strong." Mahiru said and was Looking at Kuro's eyes as he meant those words. "I love you Sleepy Ash." Mahiru said.

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