Chapter 76: Sweet moments

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3rd person's pov

When the morning cames, Mahiru was the one who wake up first. He saw that the room was cover with the light of the sun, But gladly the sun if far away from the bed so Kuro can't be hit by it.

He look up and saw a peaceful sleeping Blue head vampire met his sight this is one beautiful scenery that Mahiru likes to see. He smile and pat Kuro's soft head which he likes to do now a days.

After a while of observing, carefully Mahiru went out of the bed and kiss Kuro's forehead with his cheek a little bit of pink. He went to the bathroom first before going to the kitchen to cook.

He easily examine the house, the house was now big for him clean unlike the apartment thAt is easily to clean. In this house only Mahiru and Kuro lives, It will be much greatful if the two will have someone... Someone like their own Son.

Mahiru blush red on that thought, He shook his head to shoo the thoughts away. Beside that will be impossible they are both boys and sametime its like non of them wanted to have an... intercourse with each other because Mahiru thought Kuro didn't did anything but just Kissing.

But that doesn't mean Kuro doesn't love him, He can feel Kuro's love everytime Kuro hugs him, Kiss Him, Touch him, look at him. Mahiru felt the warmness, the careness, and the love it self showing and reflecting at Kuro's eyes.

Mahiru smile at that thought as he went to the kitchen and wanted to prepare breakfast but forget they don't have extra food and they are lack of ingredients. So Whatever is there, or whatever is available is what Mahiru did to make breakfast.

He will buy food later, beside both Licht and Misono gave him budget currently. Mahiru too needs to seek a part time job so he can earn money to have expenses since he won't be receiving any money from his father. Lucky him he has still his uncle from his mother side who sometimes gave him money.

But Mahiru notice that, he wanted to do the gardening first, then clean the house (except the room of each servamps) and prepare breakfast. Mahiru is a type of person who loves to do work anyway so he did work.

He was glad that Lily show him where the tools for cleaning was located, Seems Kuro only knows the kitchen, The library, their rooms, and the garden. Unlike Lily who knows where the storage room, The cleaning materials room, the entrace to the attic, the secret window towards their roof, and others too. Lily was glad to show him all and Mahiru was happy with that.

So Mahiru did do cleaning first, then gardening then Cooking. Which takes him almost 5 hours of Work. He wake up at 7 and finish his chores at 12 which is already lunch and exactly the time that Kuro wake up.

Kuro widen his eyes when he came down stairs and saw the living room. The living room was sparkling clean, He swear that you can see some shining stars around the living room. The once that is looking monochrome almost room was replace by shining black and white.

Kuro then start to worried. "Could it be..."

He run towards the kitchen and almost slip because of the shining floor.

He went to the kitchen and smell something sweet and nice. He immediately follow the smell and saw that his beautiful lover was cooking but seems having trouble. Its like Mahiru is smiling brightly but his actions are like tired.

"Opps!" Mahiru said as he accidentally elbow the bottle of water near stove. He was glad that it didn't went directly at the stove. He sigh in relief.

"Your too much of a trouble that I could just die, Such a pain..." kuro said and look at Mahiru lazily with a relief sigh.

Mahiru look at his lover, He is quite happy seeing his boyfriend. "Good Morning Kuro." Mahiru said ans smile brightly. "Well, Morelikely Good Noon." Mahiru said.

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