Chapter 47: Sweet moments

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3rd person's pov

Kuro wake up with the light slowly lighten up the once Dark room. He groan and open his one eye too see that the rays of the sun slowly passing through the curtains. He close his eyes and groan again, He slowly hug what ever he is hugging and burried his head to something so soft.

He slowly falling asleep when The Thing he is Hugging move Closer to to him, He felt warm, He felt nice, He felt calm.

Kuro open his eyes and first thing he saw was a Soft brown hair, He sniffed it and the scent makes him smile. He look down and saw Mahiru was moving close to him. Mahiru's hands was resting on his Chest and Mahiru's Head as well. Mahiru move closer as he was still deep asleep.

Kuro smile at this scene, His eve, His lover look so Beautifu. Beautifull as Snow white can be, Beautiful as sleeping beauty can be. Kuro softly chuckle to himself and kiss Mahiru's Forehead before he observe his Sleeping lover once more. He can do this all day, He brush the bangs of Mahiru slightly to revealed Mahiru's Face. Kuro smile and keep playing at Mahiru's hair.

Mahiru begun to stir awake after some minutes. The warm immediately greeted him, He open his eyes and saw a beautiful Crimson eyes looking at Him.

Mahiru smile. "Good Morning Kuro." Mahiru said.

Kuro gave a peck Kiss to Mahiru. "My morning is always good when I'mwith you." Kuro said.

Mahiru chuckle a bit. "Its also rare your awake before me."

"Its also Rare You sleep this Late, its already 11:34 you know." Kuro said.

Mahiru snuggle close to Kuro. "I don't wanna wake up, (mAhiru buried his face on Kuro's Chest) because your here." Mahiru said.

"Me too, But I'm hungry~." Kuro whined.

"Your always are~." Mahiru said chuckling and decided to get up.

Kuro sigh that Mahiru is leaving in his arms, But before Mahiru did leave the room Mahiru gave a Kiss on Kuro's Cheeks which cause Kuro to Blush a red and was leave frozen in the bed.

Mahiru run towards the kitchen blushing too but he was happy.

Kuro was in chibi form when he roll over the small bed, He just can't believe how happy he is that he and Mahiru is been Official. Kuro sometimes hurt his self to really make sure this isn't a dream. Kuro sigh happily and started to go out of the room, But he fix the bed before going to the T.V and started his Games.

Kuro was happy hearing Mahiru's Voice Humming.

"Kuro! Lunch is ready." Mahiru called.

Kuro finish his game and stand up went to his usual Place to eat.

"Mahiru~ What would you like to do Today?" Kuro ask.

"Clean this house, You better help or No Kiss For a Month." Mahiru said gave a little glare.

"Mean~ How could you heart such a Cute Adorable Cat Like me." Kuro said pouting.

"As If you were a Cat!" Mahiru argue back.

Kuro Pouted. Mahiru laugh a Little.

"But, If you help me clean today, You and I can just stay in the couch and Lay down." Mahiru said with a smile.

"Game." Kuro said happily.

"Its not a Game kuro." Mahiru chuckle.

"Nah, Its a Game." Kuro said.

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