Chapter 81: random

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3rd person's pov

"Hello My Castle I'mBack" Lawless said happily as he open the maindoor of his previous home cheerfully.

"Shut Up demon you might try to wake Hiru-chan up!" Licht attempted to Kick Lawless.

"Come on Licht-tan, Nii-san Room is upstairs and the last room far away from this. He won't even hear anything, beside I bet he will be surprised that were here." Lawless said and dodging jumping around to avoid his Eve's powerful kicks.

"Well Why is it the door, or the main door is unlocked? Aren't they too careless?" Licht said as he stop kicking.

"The door is designed to know its owner. (Lawless suddenly look down) our creator put some kind of power to recognize who lives in this castle and who don't." Lawless said and smile sadly.

He was then kick in the stomach. Lawless groan holding his stomach.
"Remove that sad face of yours, Its Ugly to see." Licht said.

Lawless smile while still clutching his stomach. "Is that means that I look good when I smile?" Lawless teased.

Licht blush a little bit and walk away. He then sat down on the sofa in the living room.

"Why are we here again?" Licht ask.

"You said you wanted a rest. The hotel that we are staying is monitored by your parents and you hate it, so This is the only place I can think off that we can rest." Lawless saidsitting beside Licht.

Licht sigh loudly. "I guess your right." Licht said as he lean his head in lawless shoulder got a remote and watch random channels in the Television.

"How about we will watch some movies, you can choose if you like." Lawless said and went to the sliding glass shelf where the Movies was displayed by titled.

Ofcourse Licht will choose a movie that involves Plays and Possible Renaissance and Classical Music. He wanted to improve his Piano skills more even though his piano skills are already enough.

Half way of the movie, Lawless got bored and so Thus licht. Both decided to watch horror which was 'The ring'. Licht was kinda excited on the movie and find it interesting.

Half was on the movie where sudako was going out of the T.V its the Time they heard someone yelp and run. When they turn around they saw A glance of Mahiru who run towards the Kitchen.

Licht smirk a bit. "Ah.. I almost forgot."

Lawless chuckle. "He is still scared of supernatural things? Thats Actually Funny now that he is surrounded by vampires. " Lawless said happily.

"Yeah.. Sometimes Hiru-chan can Be weird." Licht said and focus his vision on the Movie.

Lawless smirk and stand up. "I'll go get us a snack. " lawless said.

"Hmp." Licht said as he ignore lawless who went to the kitchen and sneak out towards Mahiru.

Mahiru when he woke up, walking in the hallway he heard some scary noises. When he went to check the living room their he found the T.V has a white lady. He run towarda the kitchen panting hard.

"I didn't see nothing, I didn't see nothing, I didn't see Nothing." He repeated those words to calm him down But... Its seems that it just ease his Nervousness.

He shook his head and decided to make some breakfast, While he was holding a Knife and was cutting something he felt someone touches his shoulder. Mahiru paled and think that it might be the white lady.

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