Chapter 16: Found You

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3rd person's pov

When Lawless Suddenly stop by with the man he just fought. He quickly held the man by his hair and glare at him.

"Tell me~ Where is my Precious Lich-tan~?" Lawless said playfully.

The man smirk. "Do-don't... Kn-know... "

Lawless smack his head down hard. "Your already dying and still lying. How annoying." Lawless said,. He look at the man saw his already dead. Lawless smirk, but now confuse. Should he go up? Or down?

Lawless mess his hair and just play a dumb game.

"Enie mieni Minymoe where should I go." Lawless finger pointed down. Better be this is right or else he need to go up again and find his Eve. Stupid C3 they are just a stupid mess.

Lawless went down an went to check every floor and every floor even if its hard since he was just running and tired with him A bloody mess too. Which is check he had, it was not a good sighting to see such a room full of machine, lab rats, dead bodies and other stuff.

Lawless wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. He also encountered some enemies good thing he still have a strength to fight and kill. But now he doesn't have enough energy, he needs blood but He can only drink blood from Licht and licht hisself.

"God! Where are you angel Wannabe!" Lawless said in annoyance.

Then Lawless stop for a moment when he heard a piano.

"Piano!" Lawless knows that Licht lead is a piano and his boots. Lawless followed the piano music and it leads down the stairs. Down and down until a wall just broke.

Lawless was shock and scared a bit. A man was send flying and was now dead because of a heavy blood lost. Lawless take a peak at the Wall that was just destroyed and saw Licht was badly injured too. Good thing he went  down.

"Lich-tan!" Lawless yelled.

Litch glare at Lawless. "Stupid Hyde, Where have you bee-" Licht didn't finished his sentence when he got unconscious.

Lawless caught Licht and look at the beloved angel in his hands. Litcht was god damn badly injured. He probably lost blood more, Lawless poke Licht cheeks and jst play with it. Licht was really unconscious.

"Ahm~ Todoroki-san!"

Lawless saw a small girl looking everywhere, as soon as her eyes landed on him her eyes widen. She was scared.

"Wait! Princess pls don't leave! i need help!" Lawless said.

She was shock just earlier. The servamp of Greed needs help? With what killing Todoroki-san?

"Pls, you need to help me and Lich-tan. He is badly hurt." Lawless continued.

Iza was shock a bit that the Servamp of Greed was worried and concerned for someone.

But she shook her head and run towards them. Come, I know A place where we can stay for awhile and regain his health. You can regain yours right?" Iza ask.

"Nope, somehow somepoint your weapons affect me and I don't heal." Lawless said. Iza chuckle but ignore and lead Lawless and Litch upstairs in the room on the edge. There were hidden room in that Facility that is Rarely use.

There Iza start to heal licht and Patch him with some bandages and Lawless drink small amount of Blood from his hand which was Licht blood. Its enough to heal him.

"What is your name Princess?" Lawless ask.

"Iza, and your lawless right?" Iza said. Lawless nod.

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