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You Capture Me (Servamp) by MalditadiAsh
You Capture Me (Servamp)by 말 디 타 디 애 슈
Mahiru, a simple 16 years old kid who just felt lonely being alone. He was hurting without his Mother, with his father abusing him Mahiru Wishes, to have somebody with...
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Servamp Jokes! by TheLostSilence
Servamp Jokes!by Silence
[ This is a sequel or a part two to 'Tumblr's Anime Jokes'. I realised that I only posted about Servamp in that book so I'm focusing mainly on Servamp on this one now! ]...
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Guilty Pleasure Friends by Rubyleaf
Guilty Pleasure Friendsby Rubyleaf
All Mahiru wanted was to make an infamous delinquent stop skipping class. Getting dragged headfirst into a gang war and making a bunch of very weird friends was never pa...
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The bet  by anime_writer7ds_sai
The bet by anime_writer7ds_sai
"I bet I can make Mahi mine." The green- colored hair vampire teased. "No, you can't because he mine and don't call him Mahi". The Servamp of sloth s...
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Servamp. Fluff And Angst by fandomshipshota
Servamp. Fluff And Angstby Laurene
just fluff for my lovable ships from my favorite anime enjoy >w<
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One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FF by noxiousseraph
One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FFby ° • i'm a hologram • °
Music often brings people together in unexpected ways, as it speaks naught to the person, but to the core of their being. Shirota Mahiru is coaxed into accompanying his...
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The Mind Reading Potion [SLOW UPDATES] by Starlight336
The Mind Reading Potion [SLOW UPDA...by Starlight336
The Servamps and Eves are having a get together at Misono's mansion and Mikuni walks in(Uninvited by Misono) with a crimson red liquid in a beaker. He told everybody to...
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Servamp Band - AU by YoungVolcano11
Servamp Band - AUby LeMysticMaster
The title says it all^^
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Servamp Ship Drabbles by NyanBerii
Servamp Ship Drabblesby Mina/Berri
A collection of short fluffy(?) fics for Servamp pairings. Mainly written for practice. -- Chapter 1: Mahiru wants to read his book, but a certain tiny cat ends up distr...
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Servamp Oneshots *discontinued* by Errxrs
Servamp Oneshots *discontinued*by blakedrowned
WELCOME! Here I will be writing some boy X boy, brotherly moments, cute eve and servamp moments, and just any random story ideas I come up with so please enjoy ^.^ I S...
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Escándalo (Tetsono) by KellenHakuen
Escándalo (Tetsono)by Kellen!
Lawless se divirtió, ¿quién diría que una mal jugarreta podría poner todo el mundo del enano de cabeza? (Tetsono) (AU)
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Could it be you? by iridescent-ren
Could it be you?by Ren :3c
Tetsono Soulmate Au Request from tumblr ~ Misono starts to feel strange around Sendagaya, he decides he needed to see Sendagaya's soulmate tattoo for himself, he wasn't...
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Trio: Servamp fanfic by Fumetsu_No_Sakura
Trio: Servamp fanficby Fumetsu_No_Sakura
*This is an OC insert story, the majority of this book is focused on the 'trio'. If you don't like OC inserts sorry but, this isn't the story for you* Nyx Nightingale is...
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The Seven Mages of Servamp by YaoiTora_Chan
The Seven Mages of Servampby YaoiTora
Seven Mages. One Prince. A Stringed Bond. When the eighth mage goes awry, war breaks out amongst the kingdom. Only one prince and seven mages (with other help of course...
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