Chapter 72: new Life 2

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3rd person's pov

Next thing mahiru and Kuro settle them selves on the Couch in the Living room. Mahiru was eating well lunch that Kuro did prepared.

"This is amazing Kuro. Maybe you should cook ." Mahiru said happily.

Kuro sigh. "Don't get use to it." Kuro said then he eat. "All though it doesn't taste as Much as Your cooking is. I like your cooking more." Kuro said said and continue eating.

Mahiru chuckle. "Well I cook if You let me." Mahiru said.

"Ofcourse I will." Kuro said.

"Well, Its your kitchen and I really feel intruding at Your house." Mahiru said looking down. Kuro narrowed.

"Huh? Starting from this day Your gonna live with me and I'm not letting you go back to that place no matter how you straggle. I tied you in my bed if I had too." Kuro said a little bit Serious.

Mahiru was shock a bit. "Heh?"

"After what happened do you really think I'll let you Go Back to that apartment? Your so idiot that I could Just die..." Kuro said lazily.

Mahiru hit Kuro's Arms. "How dare you said that..." mahiru said glaring a little at Kuro. But Mahiru look down after that.

"Are you sure you wanted me here, I may just be a burden to you all servamps and this is your private Place right?" Mahiru said.

Kuro sigh. Mahiru was just too Good kid.

"Its fine, I'm sure All of them won't mind if you stay here. They will be most happy that there is a Housewife person in this place. I can assure you that. Beside They won't stay here for a long time since each one needs to stay with their eves because of the contract they formed. So Don't worry." Kuro said and continue eating as he focus his eyes on the T.V.

Mahiru smile a little. As Much as he don't wanna Go back to that place knowing thats where his Abusive father is. He still have most of his Things there, some precious things that his Mother gave him. He will love the thought of Living with Kuro, atleast he won't live alone anymore. He will live with his Boyfriend. But...

"But... I can't just forget my-"

kuro cut off Mahiru. "If you are worried about your things, We will get them tomorrow right now you need some explaining to do. I'm not forcing you to explain things but... Huh... Such a pain Can't deal..." kuro said and continue eating.

Mahiru was shock a bit and then went to silence. He continue eating. "I too would love living here with you. But... Ahm... Are you sure that your brothers won't mind?" Mahiru ask slightly blushing.

"Lets ask then One by one if You still doubt me." Kuro said.

"Yeah, Its appropriate thing to do." Mahiru said.

"Ah~ How nice are you? Such a pain...," Kuro said monotonely while Mahiru chuckle.

They continue eating and Mahiru offer to wash the plates while Kuro Again start to be lazy. Procrastinating in the couch as his lazy attitude. Mahiru sigh and wash The dishes in the kitchen.

He then look around the kitchen with the stuff. They were well organized and seems to be clean. Mahiru take a notice that it's probably Lily's doing or Wrath doing since those two are What mahiru think the most capable of doing this.

Mahiru smile slightly as he walks towards the living room as his work is done. He look at Kuro who laying on the couch lazily.

"Kuro?" Mahiru said as he sat down at The couch near Kuro's Head. "Hm?" Kuro said witout looking at Mahiru.

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