Chapter 3: My pain

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Mahiru's pov

"Hey Loser!"

Another one from my class called me again. I sigh and turn around to face him. I knew this is the other day like normal day.

"He-hey..." I reply sheepishly with my head is lowered.

"Hey losser, today we have an assignment. And we hope you can do them again."

The boy said more like a demand to be exact as he handed the assignment to me. I sigh and accept the assignment, I don't want to be hurt that badly again. Usually if I refuse them they would beat me out of the living hell within me. So I just accept it even it was hard.

Their homework wasn't that hard, but the amount of the homework they given me its too much, Plus I have my homework of my own so I bearly getting sleep. I sigh once again with this life I have.

"Good, now we needed that at 6:30 am in the morning since our class will start at 7, better be here a 6:30 or else..."

He said as a warning, then he kick my legs resulting me fell on My knees. I groan in pain for a little while.

"Lets go guys." He said and left with the others.

I sigh once more and atand up grabbing their homework and along with my books and walk away.

I usually walk home with my friends Koyuki, Ryusei, and Sakuya.

But those three seems to have extra classes and work today at school, and as for me I have to be none.

Those three doesn't know I'm the homework maker at school because I didn't tell them. One of my client did warn me that if I ever tell them I would be in a great danger, they can always beat the living hell out of me when I'm alone. And I'm always alone except Lunch and walking home.

Right now, I am alone. So they have a chance that they can beat the living hell out of me now. But since I didn't tell anyone and I accept their homeworks it means that I won't get beaten today. Lucky me I think.

As I walk and walk towards my home, The steps started to get heavier as it gets closer. My feet, my whole body became Stiff and heavy as I got closer to where I live, to where my home is.

Home. They say home is where a place you should be, a Home is a place where your heart belongs, Home is where you were loved. But.... I don't think my current home was any of those. Infact my homewas my living hell.

I felt so nervous and scared, fear was present on my whole body. I felt Scared to go home, to go to a place where my hell is waiting.

I shook my head and continue walking faster.

Once I reach my so called Home, I sigh and got nervous and scared. I don't like to go inside, its making me feel more sick and more.... wanted to die. End my life. I try it a couple of times but it seems God always had a way to stop me.

I try to cross the road with heavy rain, A truck was so close to end my life but surprisingly I survived in the hospital.

I try jumping off in the highest places, but someone is always there to catch me. Those other people who look at me with Pity.

I try to kill my self but I ended up hospitalized and after that survived my life. Its so annoying that I just let life and faith decided what shall my future will be.

I sigh and open the door towards the apartment and close them behind. I was about to say I'm home when a hard punch on my stomach was made. I groan in pain clunching my stomach and was already down.

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