Chapter 12: Past-1

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3rd person's pov

Still Flashback

Its been a year since Licht Meet Lawless and they spend time together with Mahiru. All though in Mahiru's perception Licht always goes into trouble with Lawless since they are literally a Dogs and Cat.

Today is the day they Just hang out in the town. They watch the sun set together on the Park, But not by the ocean. It was over the hill and the sun set was great. All though Mahiru was still curious why Does Lawless avoid Direct contact with the sun light, Lawless only hang out with Licht and Mahiru indoors, He will hang out doors if the sun is setting and night.

Only Licht knows why because he is a demon as to Litch Term.

"Ah, I'm tired." Mahiru said as he, Licht and Lawless was walking him towards his apartment.

"Do you really, Really need to go to that place?" Licht ask in concern since he knows that Mahiru's place is only safe when that bastard of a demon excuse Father is away.

"Li-chan its still my home." Mahiru said giving a genuine smile.

"Its not your home, You could stay with me." Licht said Sincerly.

"Angel-Babe? Why are you so Concerned with the Princess going back to his castle?" Lawless ask curiously.

Licht glare deadly at Lawless and attempt to kick Lawless but Lawless dodge.

"Don't you dare Call me That Name ever again!" Licht said attempting to kick Lawless once more.

"Oh~ My Angel babe~ Why? You let The princess cAll you Li-chan right? Maybe I should call you Litch-tan instead." Lawless said as he was dodging all the kicks.

"You stupid Shit rat!" Licht said coldly and kick again.

But they stop when they heard a Sound Of 'thud'

They look infront of them and their eyes widen. Mahiru was unconscious and an unknown man was holding him Bridal Style.

"Woah, This guys is light. No wonder you call him Princess I presume Servamp of greed." The man said smirking.

Lawless glare at the man, The man has long black hair ponytail style, Wearing a white coat with black T-shirt inside and a simple white jeans. On the left arm side of the Coat Lawless saw a symbol that he hate the most.


Lawless almost growl and glare deadly at the Man. His playful personality change into what he is, Greed.

"Let him Go," lawless said coldy more like a demand. This Shock Licht, Seeing the demon became a true demon itself. But Licht has no time to be amused by Lawless right now, He needs to save his friend.

"How dare you touch such a pure, Inmocent angel. Its unacceptable." Licht attCk first kicking the man holdimg Mahiru, But that Man jump backwards still holding Mahiru.

Suddenly the Angel and demon was surrounded by Unknown Man.

"Tsk, Shit Rat, Who are they? They seems after you." Licht said.

Lawless smirk. "Yes they are. They are C3 an organization that I hate the most, and Our enemy." Lawless said.

Licht smirk. Lawless give Litch a strategy about Licht should save Mahiru and Lawless would take down the rest. Licht agree and was surprise that the demon has a brain. But That seems not Working, because when Licht attempt to attack the man who was holding Mahiru that man was suddenly in the side of Litch and Licht suddenly felt pain in his neck. With that he fell into the ground and the last voice he heard was the demon calling his name.

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