Life as a Subclass of Greed by Servamp-of-Mischief
Life as a Subclass of Greedby Servamp-of-Mischief
Yaguri Yuna is Lawless' Subclass and the only one that Lawless genuinely cares about. When one of Licht and Lawless fights go too far Kranz punishes them by giving Yuna...
  • fanfiction
  • lawless
  • mahiru
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Servamp Truth or Dare by -sleepykuro
Servamp Truth or Dareby ❃ кυяσ ❃
A normal fun game of truth or dare between the servamps and their eves gets out of hand. Contains yaoi (KuroMahi, Lawlicht, one-sided SakuMahi and a last minute addition...
  • lily
  • yaoi
  • mikuni
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Mother of the Servamps (Servamp fanfic) by Crystal013
Mother of the Servamps (Servamp Crystal013
Every family needed a mother-figure, and that's exactly what "The Creator" did with his wife; Hope of Faith. The only servamp created to represent one of the 7...
  • fanfic
  • family
  • comfort
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My little Omega~♡ by Huntress_Pheonix
Mahiru, Misono, Licht, Mikuni, and Tetsu were Omega's. Kuro, Lily, Hyde, Jeje, and Hugh were Alpha's The Annual Selection is coming up, and our favorite Eve's are going...
  • servamp
  • omegaverse
  • mahikuro
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Lost Vampire (Servamp X Oc Fanfic)  by The_Shadow_Assassin
Lost Vampire (Servamp X Oc Fanfic) by Shadow
What if there isn't just eight Servamps? What if the Servamps hid the identity, and not mention the final Servamp? Why are they hiding the truth? Where is this mysteriou...
  • xoc
  • humor
  • servamp
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Servamp:Behind their Façades. by TheLostSilence
Servamp:Behind their Faç Silence
During a Get-together at Misono's house with all of the Eves and their Servamps -Excluding Izuna and Freyja-,Mikuni handed out potions to each of the Eves, brewed by Joh...
  • mikuni
  • hyde
  • kuro
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Servamp Oneshot by Jenka_Jenga
Servamp Oneshotby Jenka
Servamp One-shot Request Open
  • kuro
  • lawlessofgreed
  • mikunoalicien
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⌜Servamp x Reader⌟ ¡One Shots! by puffymarshmallows
⌜Servamp x Reader⌟ ¡One Shots!by マドリン☺️📸
"Each page contains a different story. Flip and read to find fluff, angst, and even sexual tension"-puffymarshmallows Yea, I have started another addicting one...
  • kuro
  • lime
  • justwriteit
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[COMPLETED] Kuro X Mahiru!! (KuroMahi) - High school- Servamp  by KirishimaRR
[COMPLETED] Kuro X Mahiru!! ( Kirishima Eijirou
Mahiru decided it would be the simplest to make Kuro go to school as a human with him. "Can't deal" was Kuros obvious response. But as always Mahiru managed to...
  • mahiru
  • boylove
  • srvp
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Servamp x Reader *discontinued* by Errxrs
Servamp x Reader *discontinued*by blakedrowned
!IM NOT A SERIOUS WRITER! this book happened on complete accident so let's just roll with it. Book is on temporary hold. I DONT OWN SERVAMP OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS BUT...
  • kuro
  • xreader
  • oldchild
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[Forever...] ~Servamp~ (sleepy ash) Kuro x Reader by Dawn_Shadows
[Forever...] ~Servamp~ (sleepy Dawn
Ever since she had become a subclass, (y/n) had lived with the Aliceins in their manor. Her Servamp, Sleepy Ash had left her there with no true explanation after he had...
  • sleepyash
  • kuro
  • servampkuro
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Servamp One Shots (x Reader) CLOSED by EXO-TrashDonut
Servamp One Shots (x Reader) CLOSEDby EXOLarmyT7
Servamp OneShots x Female Reader~ I'm working on this book with LawlessKayla and PrincePrussia
  • servamp
  • servamponeshots
SERVAMP X Reader by OffBeat_Lazari
SERVAMP X Readerby OffBeat_Lazari
Mikuni brings magic chocolates that ONLY works on ladies what will happen will the Servamps take advantage (I mean tbh WHO DOESNT WANT SEX WITH LAWLESS SOMEBODY ELSE in...
  • anime
  • servamp
  • fanfiction
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Servamp:The Lost But Returned Hope by TheLostSilence
Servamp:The Lost But Returned Hopeby Silence
Tsubaki Wanted the Servamps to Feel the Grief when They Killed 'Teacher',so He Killed all the Eves. Kuro and the others were about to kill him,but Mahiru stopped them...
  • oldchild
  • jeje
  • fanfiction
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servamp: Riraito by MomoGrimm
servamp: Riraitoby lucy
it's about a little girl name Lucy that lives in a country call Pandora.then she meets her servamp tsubaki going back to Japan and meeting the rest of the group of peopl...
  • tsubaki
  • anime
  • servamp
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Normal? No Such Thing {Servamp Fanfic} by Kureiji_otaku
Normal? No Such Thing {Servamp Psychotic Lover
Eiko is a reserved girl that rarely talks and goes to the same school as Mahiru Shirota. She doesn't have any friends, but that changes when she befriends Mahiru and his...
  • tetsu
  • jeje
  • kuro
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Servamp:Betrayal,and Forgiveness by TheLostSilence
Servamp:Betrayal,and Forgivenessby Silence
He was betrayed,as simple as that. Mahiru had just wanted Kuro to meet a rebellious Girl that he managed to change,Mizuki (An OC). Kuro went with him,but suddenly go...
  • wattpride
  • anime
  • angst
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Dominant!Male!Reader x Male Characters by ArashiYunaG05
Dominant!Male!Reader x Male Golden Year
I'm just trying this x male reader thing. If you like to read then have fun! Don't like then read others!
  • yaoi
  • semermalereader
  • yoi
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Everything Servamp by ashalexwrites
Everything Servampby Ash Alexandria
A collection of what if's, headcanons, one shots, lemons, limes, AUs, character x character. Basically anything you could want for the Servamp cast! *I do not own Servam...
  • sakuya
  • tetsu
  • headcannon
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Kuro's Pet~Sleepy Ash/Kuro X Subclass Reader by KazuyaAce
Kuro's Pet~Sleepy Ash/Kuro X Kazuya
Before Kuro met Mahiru, he knew a girl that took care of him without knowing that he was a servamp. She gave him food and kept him safe, but one day the girl got fatally...
  • servamp
  • fantasy
  • wattys2017
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