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Life as a Subclass of Greed by Lady-Mischief
Life as a Subclass of Greedby Lady-Mischief
Yaguri Yuna is Lawless' Subclass and the only one that Lawless genuinely cares about. When one of Licht and Lawless fights go too far Kranz punishes them by giving Yuna...
{completed} one-shots 》servamp x reader by softbinnie-
{completed} one-shots 》servamp x babygirl(っ◔◡◔)っ
//requests; closed// ‼️‼️‼️ a collection of (shitty) servamp x reader one-shots brought to you by yours truly ^-^ ‼️‼️‼️ i write: fluff, angst, songfics, headcanons, lit...
Pink Rabbit (Mahiru x OC) by dianakenz
Pink Rabbit (Mahiru x OC)by Angel of Death
Servamp Fanfic A Servamp. The combination of the words Servant and Vampire. That's what I was. That's what the nine of us were. The eight and ninth Servamps were like Y...
Vongola's Servamp by CrystalCherryBlosso7
Vongola's Servampby Lucilia"Lucy"Sakura123
What if Mahiru Shirota is Tsunayoshi Sawada the Vongola Decimo? What if his family sent him on a vacation but instead of vacation it turned into a servamp war? How do yo...
The Blood Contract (Servamp Kuro x Reader) by XhazuMalk-Chan
The Blood Contract (Servamp Kuro XhazuMalk-Chan
《His Eve》Tsubaki|Servamp|Fanfiction by _Tired_Kyo_
《His Eve》Tsubaki|Servamp|Fanfictionby 𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐝
Tsubaki's first Eve. There may be parts where Tsubaki or other characters are OOC. I don't spellcheck, sorry. Despite being the Servamp of Melancholy, the people aroun...
The SerVamp and The Serko (SerVamp x Fem!Neko Reader) by IcerrFoxx03
The SerVamp and The Serko ( Icerr~
It all began when the first Serko was ever created.... A Serko is a Servant Neko. Although a Serko is very loyal, and has extraordinary talents, its master can be chan...
Escaped (Servamp x Reader) by CanYouCseaThroughMe
Escaped (Servamp x Reader)by Melancholy
When her home is invaded by the neutral group, C3, (y/n) is forced to leave her master and venture out on her own to stay hidden from capture. She sneaks into a local hi...
Servamp Kuro X Mahiru by MalditadiAsh
Servamp Kuro X Mahiruby Revengjia Zyccaria Aquarzaria
Note: I don't own the characters of Servamp and the anime itself. This story is a fanfiction only. And also if you don't like Boy x boy yaoi, I don't recomend this kind...
Silent Notes (Licht x Lawless) by InsertName98
Silent Notes (Licht x Lawless)by Ehmjay
Licht has a performance coming up, but Lawless hasn't been hearing the endless stream of music coming from his room that he is used to. The house remains silent, and Law...
Betray Who? (Servamp X OC) *discontinued* by Errxrs
Betray Who? (Servamp X OC) * blakedrowned
Who will she betray, the one who saved her or the one who she saved? (ON HOLD)
Normal? No Such Thing {Servamp Fanfic} by Kureiji_otaku
Normal? No Such Thing {Servamp Psychotic Lover
Eiko is a reserved girl that rarely talks and goes to the same school as Mahiru Shirota. She doesn't have any friends, but that changes when she befriends Mahiru and his...
The Witch Hunt by SakatsuraYumi
The Witch Huntby SakatsuraYumi
Sequel to The Love of a Lonely Witch A new transfer student just came into Mahiru's class and she looks just like (Y/F/N)?! Will Kuro be able to find out what is going o...
Immortals (Servamp fanfic) by Crazy_Otaku_55
Immortals (Servamp fanfic)by Naomi (pen name)
Mahiru finally lives in peace with his Servamp. Until number nine appears. Ninth Servamp. Servamp of Vanity is looking for Eve and help in the fight that is coming clo...
White Rabbit ||Servamp|| by kagetobi
White Rabbit ||Servamp||by リアンナ
8 Servamps. Sleep Ash Of Sloth. Old Child Of Pride. Doubt Doubt Of Envy. The Mother Of Wrath. Lawless Of Greed. World End Of Gluttony. All Of Love Lust. Who Is Coming Of...
The Wolf Shifter's Choice by NicoleC2000
The Wolf Shifter's Choiceby AngelBlade
(Slow Updates) Kuro X Reader You all know about the Servamps, but nobody knows about the Wolf Shifters. Servamps are the only ones that can have an Eve. Wrong. The Wolf...
Eve Too Melancholy || Tsubaki x Reader || by Alexander_The_Writer
Eve Too Melancholy || Tsubaki x Alexander Leif
(Y/N) (L/N) is a sixteen-year-old high school student who was sent to her older cousin Mahiru's so she could get to know him again. she doesn't really like socializing...
Dreams | Servamp | Book 1 | ON HOLD by Drawing_Ato
Dreams | Servamp | Book 1 | ON HOLDby ˗ˏˋ 𝐚𝐭𝐨 ˎˊ˗
Aoi Adachi, a young girl who had a normal life. She was in school, she had friends, she had a functional family, she had good grades, and experienced love..but.. They we...
The Subclass of Sloth || Servamp by Auraverze
The Subclass of Sloth || Servampby Auraverze
Celeste Histore is Sleepy Ash's only Subclass and former Eve before a certain 'incident.' But when Ash crosses paths with a boy who sets on having the simple life, accid...
The Fox's Eve by AlejandraDaisuki
The Fox's Eveby Alejandra Daisuki >3<
What would happen if, after the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, Tsubaki went wondering around town but ends up feeling ill, whitch is very weird for being a vampire. Just as...