Chapter 20:Nightmare

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3rd person's pov

Its been a week since Kuro/Sleepy Ash and Mahiru are together. Mahiru was now seeing the true nature of Kuro no wonder he is called the Servamp of Sloth he is truly is lazy.

"Mou~ Kuro how can you be hungry when you just have lunch." Mahiru said when vacuuming some mess that Kuro made, Kuro was eating Chips while holding a controller.

"Told you not to underestimate a hungry Vampi-Ow!" Kuro argue but was hit in the head by a Vacuum by Mahiru ofcourse.

"You should at least create a less mess." Mahiru said.

"Can't deal... Your such a Cat abuser." Kuro said monotonely and went to the controller again and start to play ignoring mahiru.

"Hmp, As If you were a Cat!" Mahiru yelled back.

Kuro just shrug it and ignore his Eve and Play with the Video games. This was a rutein to them since they were showing there true nature to each other.

For Kuro, Mahiru is kind-hearted, But sometimes a true housewife because he keeps Scolding Kuro for being lazy.

For Mahiru, Kuro was nice but Sometimes He was just too annoying because of the mountain of mess that Kuro can do for atleast a minute. And being Lazy didn't add up. But Mahiru is happy being like this, Because with Kuro he doesn't feel alone anymore drowning to his own Lonelyness.

Mahiru forgot about his Abusive Father for a this time.

"Mou~" mahiru said in annoyance and turn off the vacuum and place on the side. He lay on the couch.

Sigh."i'm Tired." Mahiru said putting an arm in his forehead.

"Maybe you should Rest." Kuro said as his eyes focus on his games.

Mahiru move to the side and wAs now Facing Kuro's back but was still laying on the couch.

"Don't make too much mess or I won't make any dinner for you." Mahiru pouted.

"How mean.... What a pain..." kuro said lazily.

Kuro waited for atleast 5 minutes for a reply but when he turn around he was mesmerize again what he see. Mahiru'sleeping Figure.

Kuro observes Mahiru immediately, Mahiru was really Cute and Beautiful. The peaceful face of Mahiru was also Mesmerizing.

Kuro look away immediately with a blush. He can't look back now or he will be more captivated by Mahiru, Well he is already captivated.

Kuro try to focus on his games, But his eyes and self can't help but to go on Mahiru. Kuro look at his side and saw Mahiru sleeping face so close.

Kuro back away, How in hell did he move backwards near the couch to Mahiru? It was like his body move on his own.

Kuro seeing Mahiru sleeping figure, Lean his hands on Mahiru's Hair. It was so soft and He would love to burried his hands further more but he was scared to wake Mahiru so He just play with the bangs of Mahiru. He was like a Cat Playing with a rope. But this was Mahiru's bangs he was playing with.

When Kuro realize what he was doing he back away and stumbled on the ground. He was facing now the Ceiling.

"Can't deal, Can't deal, Can't deal!" Kuro said panicked. He roll on the floor back and fort like a true cat but his in his chibi-human form.

"This is so Troublesome..." Ash said putting his Arm on his forehead. Now back to his Original Human form he keep thinking about Mahiru again, He keep looking at Mahiru sleeping figure. He was glad to see it, Its A lovely figure for him. But its also Killing him.

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