Chapter 27: Troublesome Friends

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3rd person's pov


"Wake Up Kuro, Ryusei Texted me that we can Have his house for the rest of the Night and we Can Have sleeps Over. I refuses since tomorrow we have to meet your Brother Old Child Right?" Mahiru said trying to shook Kuro for 20th times today.

"Ugh.. Why so Early?" Kuro groan.

"Oh? Do you know what time is it?" Mahiru said.

Kuro open his eyes lazily and look at Mahiru. Waiting to tell him what time is it already.

"10:30 am." Mahiru said showing his Phone at Kuro. Kuro turn his head on the pillow and burried his face in it.

"Get up already, I prepared your breakfast in the kitchen I'll go take a shower. Better be awake or I'll force you to." Mahiru slightly yelled and glare.

"HHHHAAAIII.... Mom.." Kuro said under the pillow. He was smack By Mahiru, As he look up Mahiru was shutting the door. Kuro sigh loudly.

"What A pain... I wish He is My Wife." Kuro said unconsciously. After realizing what he said he jolted awake and shook his head, He even slap hisself.

"A pain..." Kuro Said to himself and went towards the kitchen and eat as he heard the Shower was on. Kuro sigh again.

Oh, Kuro don't fantasize to something You can Get. You know what you are~ A monster~

Kuro said "shut up, Not talking to you!"

"Oh? Its been what? So long that you stop talking to me, Do you really hate me that Much?" A demon from his head said.

"Yes, I do."

"Well~ What they say. The more you hate, The more you love so You will come back~

Kuro wanted to argue back that he ain't coming Back, Never ever coming back to the demons side. Slowly that Mahiru is here light started to shone in his dark alone world.

Do you really think that Mahiru is gonna stay after what you did?

Shut up!

Ah~ You see Sleepy Ash, No matter what you will you do Mahiru your light will soon fade. He will leave you!

Shut Up!

He will leave you! See!

Kuro day dream about Mahiru was walking away From him, Turning His back at Kuro and run away.

"Your a monster Kuro! I hate you! Stay away!"

Kuro felt his heart was hit by something that is Painful, So painful that he might scream, his head also hurt, Its was crush like a truck hit him.

Kuro almost screAm with pain when a Warm hands touches his Cheeks. He look up and was lost in those beautiful honey Orb eyes. The pain was gone, the pain was lost. It was replaced by smooth, Warm feeling.

"Are you Ok Kuro?" Mahiru ask concern as he notice Kuro was in Pain and was about to scream.

Kuro look away From Mahiru, "i'm fine"

"You sure?" Mahiru ask worriedly.

"You worried too Much... What a pain..." kuro said.

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