Chapter 38: Feelings For You

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3rd person's pov

One week has Pass by since the incident of C3 and No attack with any of The Servamp did receive since the Building was destroyed. But for Kuro this will be just temporary.

But hus mind never ever bother the C3. It was bother of How he fall deep, Deep, Deep, Deep down on Mahiru. The way he smile, The way he treats Kuro Fine and farely, He can't help but fall inlove more.

Kuro sigh currently it was morning, He was looking at Mahiru sleeping face for how long. When Mahiru started to stir, He quickly turn on his back and close his eyes pretend that he was sleeping.

Mahiru wake up having a good sleep. He look at Kuro who is Sleeping. Mahiru chuckle a bit and carefully Arranged his Bed without disturbing Kuro and sneak our of the Room.

Once Mahiru was out, Kuro open his eyes and sigh in relief, He really didn't want to face Mahiru right now or his heart started to beat fast or his face will become Red. He turn over and hug his soft Pillow that Mahiru provides. He buried his face and wanted to sleep.

His last thought was "mahiru is the best pillow more than this." Kuro dream of Him and Mahiru that day, The day they sleep together in the same bed. It was his peaceful sleep that he wish he can do it everyday.

Mahiru do house hold Chores before making Breakfast well already Lunch since Kuro manage to Wake up half of the day already.

"Morning Kuro" mahiru said and gave a smile in a half sleepy Vampire.

Kuro widden his eyes as he met up with his cheerful Eve and kuro swear he saw Flowers and Sparkling star around Mahiru. Kuro blush and look away.

"Morning too." Kuro said monotone as his Gaze was away from Mahiru.

"Lunch is Already Ready, come on." Mahiru said as he walks towards the place where they usually eat.

Kuro sigh and walk to his usual Place.

Every now and then Kuro keep looking at his Eve who still look Cute as ever. He can't believe himself that a few months ago he was Just dreaming about he And Mahiru together. And Now he can't believe that he was now Living with Mahiru. He wish that he and Mahiru can be more than friends since the day he met Mahiru, He started to saw Light same time Darkness. But all in all its A balance, as long as Mahiru is here in his side.

Mahiru notice Kuro was glancing at him.

"Kuro? Is there something wrong?" Mahiru ask Tilting his head cutely. Kuro blush and hurry up eating.

"My game awaits." Kuro said as he walk away from the kitchen and settle hisself infront of The T.V. Maybe his mind Will be occupied by his Game and not his Beautiful, Lovely, Careting, Cute, and Kind-hearted Eve.

Kuro shook his head once more and focus on his games.

Mahiru look at Kuro Confuse and shrug it and wash the dishes. After that He settle hisself in the couch and just read a Book. Kuro notice that Mahiru do love reading Books specially when its a Mystery and Sci-Fiction. He also Notice that Mahiru doesn't like Horror stuff, Specially when Kuro plays a horror games, Mahiru will lock hisself in his room and Read not in the Couch.

Sometimes Kuro wonder how the hell Mahiru is scared of Supernatural Stuff or Horror stuff when infront of him was a Monster Vampire. Kuro shook his thoughts and sigh, He shouldn't really think hisself as a montser right now, He doesn't want his darkness will consume him again, It made him worried that Mahiru is deadly worried about him.

Suddenly A ringing of a phone was made, Mahiru search for his phone and it wasn't ringing.

"Hey Kuro, I think your phone is ringing." Mahiru said.

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