Chapter 54: the True Self

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru was provided by Lily a nice white formal suit for this Party. Mahiru sigh looking at Such an Expensive Suit.

"Told you its too troublesome to come." Kuro said as he was laying beside Mahiru in his cat form. Mahiru was laying on the bed while his feet is on the ground.

"Kuro, Misono is my friend, so I need to attend beside its been awhile since we are together." Mahiru said and pat Kuro's head.

"Well as long as I'm with you I'm not complaining but its really is Troublesome." Kuro said leaning on Mahiru's hand.

Mahiru chuckle a bit. "Oh~ Kuro."

"Knock! knock!"

Mahiru slowly sat up and murmur. "Come in."

It revealed Licht. "Hey Li-chan, Good Morning." Mahiru said and smile.

"I need your help." Licht said.


"Father, Everything is Set and fine." Misono said as Lily hand some files to Mikado.

"I'm glad, And I'm also glad that you invited one of the most famous Pianist here in Japan. Maybe he can Perfom." Mikado said sitting in the chair of his office.

"Yes, I already ask him." Misono said.

"Good, you may Go." Mikado said. Misono bow and left the room together with Lily. But before that,

"Ah~ Misono-sama I forgot to put the names of your Guess Who are they?" One of the buttlers inside the office ask.

"Oh? Don't worry about them. They are my friends and I know them." Misono said.c

"Are you sure? Because that man Carrying a Coffin with a talking doll inside is scary." The butler said.

Misono smile a little. "Its nothing to be afraid off, Tetsu won't hurt anyone and specially that doll isn't a doll its a Living creature." Misono said.

"Oh, Sorry for my Unmannerly attitude recently." He said and bow politely.

"Its fine." Misono said and walk out of the room.

"Enjoy your last day, Because it will be the last." The Butler murmur, Surprisingly Lily heard it but shrug it.

As Misono and Lily was out misono sigh and Tetsu and Oldchild was walking in the hallway.

"Everything ok Shrimp?" Tetsu ask.

"How many times do I need to tell you not to call me a Shrimp!" Misono yelled.

"But you look like one, Specially this." Tetsu touches the long strand of Misono's hair. Misono blush and slap the hand of Tetsu.

"Shut up." Misono said and walk with a blush face.

"Ara~ Ara~ This scene is so Beautiful, I shall strip with this." Lily said already stripping. Yet again, A book was thrown to him.

"You know you had an aggressive Eve." Old child said.

"I know~." Lily said and smile looking at the two future Couples.

"Does your Eve like Misono?" Lily ask.

"Yes, its clear he like him. But the Problem is he isn't use to feelings. So he didn't know What love is, and he is inlove with it now." Old child explained.

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