Chapter 40: Today Your normal.

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru was planning for today. The weather said it will be fine and sunny which Kuro really needs to bring an Umbrella and Mahiru had great and simple place to have their Date. They will start at exactly 3:00 pm since the sun is Almost Down on that time, Until that day Mahiru decided to clean the room.

"Mou~ Kuro can you atleast not to make a Mess eating too much chips, You could atleast clean after you eat." Mahiru said a little Angry.

"Its Such a pain to clean, How about just laze around and be suited by my cuteness." Kuro said while rolling in the floor with his Cat form. Mahiru rolled his eyes and continue what he did, He sigh.

"Oh Kuro, How lazy can You be?" Mahiru said a little bit annoyed.

"Well They call me Servamp of Sloth for nothing." Kuro said transform hisself into a human and got the controller and started to play.

"Yeah, Yeah, And thats Actually what makes Who you are." Mahiru said and smile but his eyes is focus on the floor while cleaning using Vacuum.

Kuro was shock a bit with Mahiru's words, he take it as a Compliment and smile/ blush a bit with that.

Kuro was a little curious, beside he need to know what Mahiru thinks of him so he can confess his feelings. His thinking now a days ever since Wrath call him and he really really wanted to confess since this feeling whether he is with Mahiru or just being Complimented by Mahiru.

"What do you think of Me?" Kuro ask focusing on his Games.

"A Lazy ass Vampire." Mahiru answered.

Kuro froze, he went Black and white all over, He even stop his games and drop the controller. Then he suddenly was down on the floor sulking.

Kuro didn't say a Word, He felt disappointed with Mahiru's Words.

"Now How am I suppose to tell him I love You Mahiru? (Sigh) that is sound so nice." Kuro said and smile a little but still sulk with Mahiru's hurtful comment.

Mahiru was done cleaning around 1pm. He and Kuro had a little lunch which Kuro complain. Mahiru said that he is on the budget, but He don't want to make Kuro full because he had a plan this Day.

Mahiru and Kuro now settled in the living room. Mahiru was sitting in the couch while Kuro was Playing video games again.

Mahiru had a little nervous but Take a Deep breath and let it all Out. He smile.

"Kuro?" Mahiru called.

Kuro just humm in respond not looking at Mahiru.

"Can I ask on a Request?" Mahiru said.

Kuro despite its a Troublesome, He just need to deal with it. Afterall Mahiru is still his master.

"What Can I do? I mean I an Your servamp who suppose to follow your order." Kuro reply and look at Mahiru now.

"Ah~." Mahiru look down, He despite the thought of Kuro a stupid Servamp he shook his head a little and Smile.

"Would it be ok If... You will forget about You being my servamp for a day?" Mahiru said nervously.

Kuro was shock a bit.

See I told you he will leave you.

Kuro shadow his eyes with his hair, he believe and trust Mahiru not to leave him.

"Wh-what ar-are you Implying?" Kuro ask nervously still had a shadowed his eyes.

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