Chapter 22: Explanation -1

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3rd person's pov

Kuro takes a superstrong Willpower to stop himself to Drink and bite Mahiru's neck which was cover in blood. That Bastard should be dead in Kuro's Perception but He Knows Mahiru won't like it.

Kuro now, was the one who is treating the Injuries that 'that' bastard cause.

"There, Its Fine now." Kuro said as he done treating Mahiru. He doesn't know about First Aid kit since he doesn't need one, But For Mahiru he manage to Read an Instruction and go on with.

"Thank you Kuro." Mahiru said with a smile.

Kuro hide his emotions with his lazy face one. "Your so Troublesome.... Why'd you friends with that Cabage guy?" Kuro ask. Mahiru elbowed him, Kuro murmur a 'Cat Abuser'. Mahiru glared.

"Don't call Sakuya that." Mahiru said.

"Yeah, Yeah, Why are you friends with him though?" Kuro ask.

Mahiru look down suddenly, His eyes showed sadness but he had a smile in his mouth.

"The truth is, I don't really have manny friends when I was young. I was just too Shy To make some. When I went to high school life, Life went not easy. But they are the first classmate one who treat me as Friends. Ryusei, Koyuki and Sakuya. The others treat me its etheir they will ask me to Make their homework or ask me to do something, Means they only approach me if they need something and left me when I'm not worthy. But the three of them are Different, they treat me as a friend So Thats Why I'm friends with them." Mahiru said and gave a small smile at Kuro.

Kuro was shock a bit. Thats why those girls, all of his Eve classmates were giving Fake smiles at Mahiru. Kuro just put his Hand on Mahiru's Head. He find this soothing for both him and Mahiru.

Kuro didn't say anything since his not good at comforting. Mahiru smile truly at Kuro.

"Thank You Kuro, I was glad that I meet you on that day." Mahiru said with a smile.

Kuro sigh and look away. "Ah~ Such a pain you are.... But I was glad too.." kuro said.

A comfortable silent was made by two. Mahiru lean his Head on Kuro's lap, Which Kuro tense a vit but soon relax as he play his hand on those soft brown haired.

Kuro looking at Mahiru, he remember the moment where Mahiru described him. Oh god, He will do his best not to freak out. Those words that Mahiru just say did make his inner self freak out to the most.

But with that, Kuro still don't sure that Mahiru does like him. Beside they just meet like 3 weeks ago? Its so soon and he knows it.

But one thing is for sure,

He was inlove at Mahiru.

"Why'd you ask such a question Kuro?" Mahiru ask while he close his eyes.

Kuro sigh. "Its Just, That Cabbage guy is somehow a Subclass of My Brother. Also that guy who'd bite you." Kuro said and still playing with Mahiru's hair, he doesn't want to have this topic but since its Mahiru and his Eve deserve to know. But playing with Mahiru's hair makes him feel comfortable and ok with it.

"Subclass?" Mahiru ask curiously as he open his eyes looking up to Kuro.

"You see, We Servamps needs our own servant too. So we have subclasses, They are humans that is turn into a vampires that is loyal to their master, Specially to those who turn them. Each of my siblings has one or many subclasses. The most servamp who had many subclasses is our Youngest. Servamp of Melancholy, Who is coming or Tsubaki." Kuro explain.

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