Chapter 23: Discussion

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3rd person's pov

"Ah... Sakuya, You should tell them." Mahiru said to Sakuya shyly.

"No, You should tell them since your an Eve." Sakuya argue.

"Ah.. I don't know where to start." Mahiru said shyly.

"Hmp~ Neh, You guys Do you believe that Vampire do exist?" Sakuya said straightforward.

"Sa-Sakuya!" Mahiru scold.

"Huh? What's with that question again?" Ryusei said with a bored eyes.

"Wanna meet one?" Sakuya said with a smile.

"Are you always this straight forward?" Mahiru ask.

"Heh? There is no wrong on being straightforward, I confess to you with no worries didn't I?" Sakuya said with a smile.

Mahiru sigh and look at him with a pink Cheek. "Mou!"

Sakuya shiver he look at the behind him and saw that in Mahiru's bag there is a Cat, Black cat Glaring at Him deadly. Mahiru just look at Kuro feeling scary.

"Your cat Is Furious Mahi-chan." Koyuki said.

"Ah.. Eh... About that... Thats not an Ordinary Cat." Mahiru said sheepishly.

"Huh?" Ryusei said confusingly.

"Ku-Kuro, Its ok. You can transform now. Were not in the roof so the sun won't hit you." Mahiru said with a nervous but gently.

Kuro sigh, Some smoke appeared around him and it revealed his Human form.

"Meduksei... Just promise me that I won't do the talking..." Kuro said lazily.

"I won't promise that." Mahiru argue back.

Koyuki and Ryusei was both shock and Confused.

"Sakuya, How about we explain things, It looks like Ryusei's mouth will catch a fly anytime soon." Mahiru said.

Ryusei shook his head and gave a glare at the two. Koyuki continued his Gentle smile.


"So His a Servant Vampire, and Sakuya is a subclass?" Ryusei ask.

Mahiru nod and Sakuya too. They start eating along with Kuro beside Koyuki.

"What do you think of Mahiru then Ash-chan?" Koyuki ask nicely.

Kuro blush a little with embarrassment, No one did really call him Ash-chan, Its too not great. He look away and then his gaze is to Mahiru who smile at him slightly.

"Don't worry, Koyuki calls everyone with a 'chan'" Mahiru explain noticing Ash's cheek pink. He thinks Kuro is cute with that.

Kuro blush at Mahiru smile.

"We-Well... His a Damn Housewife who scold me everytime but all in all his Kind hearted." Kuro said monotonely.

Mahiru glare slightly at Kuro and hit him in the arms.

"Its your own fault for just being lazy, all You do is either sleep, play video games and eat, Thats all you do." Mahiru said.

"Well, As you say he is a Servamp of Sloth, What do expect him to do?" Ryusei said.

"Yeah. i agree." Koyuki said.

"See, Your friends agreed that I can just lay around and do nothing." Kuro said in his chibi-version rolling in the ground.

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