Chapter 30: Explanation-2, Past -2

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3rd person's pov

"Hoy! Johannes Fraus How dare you tore Abel's Dress!" Mikuni yelled when he saw The guy wearing Glasses was having an Experiment with a Tiny Dresses.

"Come on, Its Just a dress of A stupid Doll!" guy reply monotonely.

"Why You! Abel-chan is not Just a Doll she is my Baby!" Mikuni said protecting Abel.

The guy just stared at Abel.

Mikuni suddently Smack this guy.

"How dare Lay your pervert Eyes On my Sweet Dear Abel!" Mikuni said.

The man pat his own head. "Stupid Childlish guy, I don't care about that Stupid Doll!" The man said.

"Don't listen to him Abel, He is just a Psycho Freak." Mikuni said helding his doll, Johannes roll his eye.

"Ahm~ Are they always like this?" Mahiru ask politely at Jeje who is studing beside him.

"Yes." Jeje simply eeply. Mahiru nod.

"Ah! A customer, Come in. Perhaps You want to see my experiments-" Johannes was Cut off My Mikuni who kick him.

"Don't touch Mahi-Mahi-chan too or I'll kill you here and now." Mikuni said glaring at The man.

"Mikuni-san, Pls Calm down." Mahiru said helding Mikuni's arm.

Mikuni turn around. "I am Calm Don't worry." He said with a smile.

Johannes was shock, Mikuni is over protective with Mahiru. Its his first time in his life that he see Mikuni Treasure someone as important as Mahiru is.

"I didn't imagine nor Think A guy like you would have care for someone." Johannes commented.

"I too was surprise." Jeje commented. "I saw earlier how Mikuni smile and How he is willing to take a Risk to protect this Guy." Jeje continue.

Mikuni gave them a small smirk. "Because Mahiru Shirota was an angel who fell from heaven." Mikuni simply said before he held Mahiru's arm and drag him inside, a place where they can talk privately.

Later on, They sat down on the wooden chair and Face a wooden Table. The four of them.

"So? Mahiru, I think I'll be the one who should start first. This is Jeje as I name him or the Servamp Of Envy, Doubt Doubt and I'm The eve of Envy." Mikuni introduced.

"He-hello." Doubt said a little nervous.

"Hi, My name is Shirota, Mahiru. And Its Nice to meet Kuro-I mean Sleepy Ash's Brother. I'm the Eve of sloth." Mahiru said politely.

The three of them was Shock a bit.

"What!?" Mikuni and Jeje said with a shock.

"How'd you become his Eve? And Where is he?" Jeje ask still Shock.

"Uhm.... I was walking in the forest and..." Mahiru started the day he pick a black Cat inside the Cage. Mikuni knows Mahiru love cats so its no surprise that Mahiru would pick something like a cat.

Mahiru end up the story the day Kuro turn into a Black ball, Where the fact that he is worried about Kuro.

"I'm Sorry If I can't save Your Brother, I really want to but I don't know How... I want to help Kuro... I really do..." Mahiru said and Looking down ready to cry.

Jeje was shock, Mahiru was someone is Worried about his Monster Brother? Worried about a Vampire. Too much Worried. Thats Not all, He said sorry because he can't help his brother, Is he insane? No Humans he had ever met such as Polite and Nice as  mahiru is.

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