Chapter 77: Going back

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3rd person's pov

Mahiru was suppose to go back towards the Apartment to get his things that isn't that much. But as he goes to the familliar direction of his apartment he started to feel a little bit anxious about it. Is also dark at night and it didn't add up that the road going to his previous apartment was one of the most dangerous road when The sun was down.

But a Cold Hand held his hand to snap out of his thoughts and look at the owner of that hand. "I won't let anyone Hurt you." Kuro said giving a kiss to his hand which cause Mahiru to blush.

"Tha-thank you Kuro." Mahiru said nervously and looking away.

"So Sweet~." Lawless said giving a smile.

"Never thought that Hiru-chan Would blush Cutely like this." Licht said.

Mahiru blush more. "Li-chan Pls stop saying embarrassing words." Mahiru said looking down.

"I'm not, Its true your cute when we were still kids." Licht said and pat Mahiru's head.

"I also think Your cute when we met Princess, How old are you at that time anyway?" Lawless ask.

"Uhm... 10 I guess." Mahiru said.

"Oh, Your too young and innocent. No wonder Licht-tan didn't tell you that I'm a Servamp." Lawless said and smile.

"He is scared of Horror and Supernatural things so if I tell him that Vampire exist he will sure have a seizure." Licht said boredly.

Mahiru look down. "Yeah I guess I will freak out a little. " mahiru said nervously.

Lawless chuckle. "I wish I could see it. I bet Nii-san will love to see you too. It would be Cute." Lawless said and Kuro started to imagine Mahiru being cutely scared.

"Lawless-san Why'd you always have weird imagination?" Mahiru said.

"Told You he is annoying shit rat." Licht said snirking.

"Still its not good to call him 'shit Rat'." Mahiru said. Licht just look away.

As they got closer towards the Apartment Mahiru took a deep breath before stepping inside the elevator. But his nervousness had ease since the his backgroun was lawlicht arguing and his hand was interlock with some he love, It make him feel everything is alright as long as they are here.

When the door of the elavotor did open mahiru slowly walk towards his previous room.

"Don't worry were here so you have nothing to worried about." Kuro said giving an assuring look at Mahiru.

"I know, You, Lawless-san and li-chan is here ." Mahiru said and smile. He got his key and open the room.

He was meet up with a messy hall way and everything was messy and a disaster. He sigh.

"This is expected." He said and went inside the dark room and open the room.

"What a mess, That bastard is useless without you." Licht commented looking at the place.

"This place is a disaster but I guess I seen worst."lawless said and looking around.

"Huh? Something is messier than this? i can't imagine." Mahiru said as he chuckle.

"Aw... Its Nii-san Room. His Room wasn't like that before its messier than This." Lawless said with a smile. Kuro glare deadly at his Younger brother.

'Mahiru widen his eyes. This Once clean apartment was now a disaster since everywhere and anywhere wasn't arranged its messy and yet Kuro's room is more messier than this?

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