Chapter 13: Ugh, Why do we in trouble again?

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3rd person's pov

Licht sigh as he remembers the memories that he and the shit rat have. Its a great feeling and thats why he accept the Shit Rat company. But one thing that he hate was the annoying and pest personality of this Shit rat. If only Mahiru is here with them then the annoying shit rat was less annoying. But Licht smirk a little, Beside just a couple of day to go and he would see his beloved friend once more. His so called beloved little brother. He knows Mahiru is not his brother but for him, Mahiru is a family to him.

Licht was also worried that Mahiru would be not better. He hope Mahiru would be better when he saw him or else He will turn into a demon and kill that Excuse Bastard of a father of Mahiru.

Licht need to calm down so he decided to walk outside, But then He completely forgot about the Servamp and Eve limitation so he first look where the Shit Rat and saw Hyde was leaning in the wall rubbing his Stomach. Licht kick the side of Hide, Not hitting the stomach but barely, To catch his attention.

"Were going outside for a walk. And maybe find some simple present that Mahiru would like." Licht said as he re-drew his feet. Lawless smile and stand up.

"Yeah~ The princess would like some presents too." Lawless said. Licht was already walking outside there building followed by Lawless.

"Neh~? litch-tan, Would you tell Mahiru about I'm your Servamp?" Lawless ask.

"No, because I can let his pure-innocent heart corrupt by a demon like you." Licht said coldly yet Calmly.

"Huh? But he knows that I'm a servamp right? A vampire?" Lawless said.

Licht kick Lawless in the legs, Lawless fell down. "Mou~ Why did you get so Violent of all the sudden?" Lawless yelled a bit.

"Think within you and Mahiru spend time together Idiot! Did you mentioned about the fact that your a demon to him?" Licht said coldly.

Lawless stand up and frown. "Herz, you don't need to hit me that hard. And yeah... Mahiru probably he think I'm a human." Lawless said.

Licht was gonna reply when someone fired a Bullet on him. He quickly dodge it and saw the attacker somewhere in the Alley.

"Tsk, Attacking such an angel is unacceptable." Licht said very coldly.

Lawless pick the bullet that hit the wall and was shock what he saw. Its a same Bullet that C3 use to capture them and killed there subclasses. Lawless 'tsk' in annoyance.

"Oha? oha? Look what we have here~ The Servamp of Gree~." Lawless look at the direction of the owner of the voice and saw a stupid man with messy silver hair wearing a simple clothes inside but the white Jacket that he was wearing was very, very familiar at Lawless eyes and the seal of that jacket is also very familiar.

Lawless grind his teeth in annoyance.

"The hell you want?" Lawless ask coldly.

"We just wanted you, or atleast one Servamp. But since one servamp was currently outside Why don't we just take it." The man said and pointing a sword and gun along with the others at their direction.

"Tell Me shit rat? Who are they?" Licht ask coldly.

"They are Well me enemy. Every Servamps enemy." Lawless said.

Licht when to the man with silver hair. "Tell me? Are you an angel or a demon?" Litch ask.

"YOU SHOULDN'T ASK THAT QUESTION TO EVERY PERON YOU MEET!" Lawless scold Litch. Litch ignore Lawless.

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