Chapter 4: Meet again?

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3rd person's pov

Its been a several days when Ash is just playing his game to get out Mahiru from his head. The human is beautiful thats for sure and cute too. He can't think straight because of this Human. Curse his brother and sister. If he didn't agree to get out that day then he won't meet such a beautiful person. He sigh again and decided to get out of his room to get some refreshment.

He slowly got out of the room and went down towards the stairs and went to the kitchen. But then his ears pick up something. His brothers all of love, lawless, World of end and Mother was sitting in the dinning table and discussing something.

"I'm up to the game." Lawless said happily.

"Yes, were gonna drink all we can!" World of end said happily

"The next side of this bar is A New Arcade and a New computer shop." Mother said still have a calm face.

Ash twist his ears. Did he just heard An arcade and a computer shop? Means new games, means entertainment.

"Hey," Ash said as he walk in the dinning room.

"Ho ho~ Look who got out of his cave." Lawless said smirking.

"Yeah, yeah.... where are guys going?" Ash ask lazily.

"Were going to a Bar, Why you want to join?" World of end invited.

"You know Drinking is not Nii-san liking." Love said.

"I know why you want to go, you want to check the new arcade and Computer shop right?" The mother said and giving a smirk at his Nii-san.

Ash look away.

"Sure, you can go. But don't blame us if we were gonna disappoint you because the fact were drunk. This time we will drink the night away since Lawless here had win a free drink in that bar for atleast 5 person." The mother said with a glare.

Ash back slightly and nod. "Beside I won't be near any of you." Ash said monotone before walking towards where the fridge is but he stop mid way. "What time are we gonna leave?" Ash ask.

"Considering we cannot be expose to sun that much, we would leave at 5:30 pm. There still light, but the sun is almost out. Enough for us to stay in this form." Love explain with a smile in his face.

Ash nod and went to the fridge.

"I guest Arcade and Computer Games is the only thing that can Make Nii-san to get out of the house." World of end commented.

"Its a sign how Boring he is." Lawless said as he put his feet in the table. "What time is it anyway?"

"Its almost 5:30 we should prepare." Love said as he look at his wrist watch.

"Yeah, I will prepare the car." Mother said as she stand up and went outside already. The others had also went into their own room.

Later on, All of them are in the car. Their car is small and enough to fit a 4 person. But since they are creatures that can turn into a small cute animals. It won't be a problem is 8 of them will be in.

"Lets go!" Mother happily.

"WOOOHH! Lets go!" World of end said happily but loudly. Ash who is in cat form and within Love's lap was covering his ears.

"Can you pls, be quiet on the ride until I will get out the hell of this Car? So troublesome....." Ash said monotonely.

"Oh, nii-san." Love said happily and pat Ash. Ash just sigh and he just let Love pat him.

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