Chapter 74: The permission

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3rd person's pov

"Hey, Sloth did those Bottleship made by Jeje?" Mikuni ask Kuro as he settle hisself at couch beside Kuro.

"Hm~ Yes. Doubt likes to do such a Thing." Kuro said. Mikuni smirk. "I wonder where his Room is Located~." Mikuni said smiling.

"Upstairs, Yellow Door with a Gun carve on it." Kuro answered.

Mikuni blink once or twice before standing up. "Thanks." And was planning to go to Peak at Jeje's Room. But he heard a Cold voice.

"Where in hell do you think Your going!?" Jeje said very coldly.

Mikuni stop in his track.

"Oh come on jeje, Just a peak let me see your room." Mikuni said with pleading eyes.

"Cute, But No. there is Nothing to see in my room." Jeje answered coldly.

Mikuni blush at Whay just Jeje said, But frown. "Your so mean."

Then the main door suddenly Open.

"NNNNIIII-SSSSAAANNN!!!" It revealed lawless who immediately run upstairs and went to his room. He sigh in relief when he found out his room is still intact. He went down stairs immediately and found Kuro was on the couch.

"Gladly you didn't destroy my door." Lawless said.

"Gladly Mahiru was asleep, and Stay asleep with you screaming. Such a Pain..." kuro said look at his eyes on the T.v

Licht walk inside and look around. "Is This Really your house Shit Rat?" Licht said can't believe what he saw. It was like a horror castle from the outside but in the inside it was An Old Fashion mansion. But still its huge.

"Yes Licht-tan~ Us servamp live in this place. Like it?" Lawless said happily.

"Hm~ Pretty good." Licht said and shrug. He then dart his eyes towards Mikuni and glare.

"Your here why?" Licht said.

"Oh~ Me an Abel-Chan Can't Seems To contact Mahiru. So Sloth said that Mahiru is with him in this House so we came and pay him a Visit~" Mikuni said with a smile but his smile turn into seriousness when he look at Licht.

"But he said also that something Bad did Happened. So I came here as Fast as I can" Mikuni said.

Licht sigh. "I guess That Bastard is home again huh?" Licht said looking down. Everyone look at him with Curiousity and Worried.

"Who are you talking to Licht-Tan~?" Lawless ask.

Licht sigh before he can reply the main door slam open again.

"Its Been A while~." Lily said with a smile.

"Hm~ I thought it will be lookimg creepy inside since its looking like a haunted house from the outside." Misono said and look around yet.

"I can't believe that You live in such a Place Lily." Misono said.

"Oh, Misono you seem Amazed by our house. Be amazed with My beauty as well." Lily said already Stripping. Misono glare.

"I Already Told You DON'T STRIP!" Misono yelled.

Lily gave an Innocent smile and fix his clothes. "I am Sorry ." Lily said. Misono held his temple and sigh.

"So this is Where you live Hugh. Its huge just like the Chibi-chan's House." Tetsu commented as he look around. Hearing that Misono glare at Tetsu but before he can say anything a Warm hands Wrap around him.

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