Chapter 25: Reunion 1

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3rd person's pov


Mahiru ask in disbelief.

"Mahiru? Is that really you? Are you really Mahiru shirota?" Misono ask in disbelief.

Mahiru gave his Warm smile.

"I am, You never really change Misono your still small as-" Mahiru was cut off when Misono launch forward and Hug Mahiru tightly.

Mahiru was surprised but slowly Pat Misono and held it in his arms like a protective mother he is.

Misono broke the hug and look up with tears forming in his corner of eyes. Mahiru wipe them.

"Why are you crying?" Mahiru ask.

"I just miss you. Ever since you were 5 and I was 7 were already Friends. When I last saw you in the mansion when Maki-san died, and last Meeting when you were 9. Its so Unbelievable, that I finally meet you." Misono said and gave a small sob.

"Ah~ Misono-nii. You shouldn't really cry, Your already 18 be matured. But I also miss you too." Mahiru said with a smile in his face.

"You idiot! Don't call me Misono-nii. Its embarrassing despite my Height, Its not fair that you grew." Misono said pouting a little. Mahiru just smile at Pat his head.

"I'm sure someday you will grow." Mahiru said.

Mahiru look at his wrist watch and saw it was 8:30 pm already. "Oh, no. Misono you can come to my house tomorrow afternoon like 4pm. Its already 8:30pm and you always sleep at 9, You wouldn't like to sleep in Library do you?" Mahiru said his voice still gentle.

Misono sigh. "Cursed My Sleeping Habit." Misono murmur angrily.

"Misono, He is right. We should go home so soon." Lily said.

"Ok, But we will visit you Mahiru. but first I have something to tell, more like something to discuss. This Is All of Love, The 7th Servamp, The Servamp of Lust. I gave him a nick name Snow Lily, I'll explain to you tomorrow what is a Servamp." Misono said.

Mahiru was shock a bit but Bow at Lily politely. "Its nice to meet one of Kuro's brother. My name is Mahiru Shirota. Mahiru is fine, And what should I call you?" Mahiru ask politely.

Lily smile widely. "You can call me Lily, And I assume your my Nii-san's Eve how wonderful. I shall strip for you." Lily said already stripping.

"Hheeiii!" Mahiru said with a blush in his face and burried his face in his Palms. Misono throw a book at Lily again, Kuro sent a death Glare at Lily.

"You bastard pervert Lily, I repeat Never Strip Infront of Mahiru ever again!" Misono said coldly and glare at him.

"Why?" Lily ask. He notice a black thingi Snaking around him. He saw that it was His Nii-san's coattail.

"Just listen to you Eve." Kuro warned, misono was shock an amuse by Kuro's seriousness.

Lily smile that Kuro was protective in his Eve. He was glad.

"Ano... Misono. You should really go, You knew my house and I need to make some Homework too." Mahiru said nicely.

"Ok, but we will gonna visit you." Misono said.

"Sure, Lets go Kuro. I need this books." Mahiru said and carry the 3 big books, But Kuro carry them for him.

"You carry those 4 small story books, Its more light than this.... Your so Troublesome..," Kuro said and sigh.

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