Chapter 5: I like your smile

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3rd person's pov

"Here we are." Mahiru said as he open the door and invite Ash inside.

"I-I don't want to intrude." Ash said shyly as he went inside. He heard Mahiru chuckle once again. Ash cannot be more happier than this night.

"I leave alone Ash." Mahiru said.

"Ah~ He lives alone. Alone, just like What I wanted for more years. But...." ash look at Mahiru " But if Live with him, I guest that won't be a problem...." ash Thought.

"I know my house is small but you can sit on the couch if you like when I'm gonna prepared some homemade ramen." Mahiru said as he pointed the couch.

"I'm really sorry if I was bothering you." Ash said.

"If its you I don't mind at all Ash. " Mahiru said with a smile. Ash gave a little shy smile at Mahiru then sat on the couch. Oh How the couch is more comfortable than the ones they have at home. Ash focus his eyes around Mahiru's home, its small yet its comfortable just like Ash like. The apartment is big as Ash room but its clean and nice to look at.

Ash widen his eyes, he just realized how Clean the house is. Its simple nice for once. Ash frown he re-think his room. His room was a very very very messy and unorganized room. And yeah compare to this, this is more clean.

His clothes was probably everywhere and anywhere which he doesn't do the laundry. Come to think of it since when did he do such a things more than playing games? Its so troublesome.... he sunk inside of the couch and wanted to disappeared.

His eyes then gaze at the T.V infront of him and some of the unused Controllers. The controllers are a bit dusty. Ash wanted to try those so badly, see if whatever games would Mahiru had.

Ash didn't know for how long he is debating hisself for Getting the controller to play or Not when a voice called him.

"AASSHH! The ramen is ready,"

Ash Stomach once growl again. "Ugh, you traitor!" Ash thought irritatedly looking at his stomach. Well As Ash walk towards the kitchen, the sweet smell of Ramen came to his nose. Its tempting him so badly, did he ever mentioned that his Favorite food is Ramen? No? Well too bad. This time the sweet smell of Ramen is good, its something special.

When he makes his own ramen, it doesn't smell this special. Even if His Sister Mother will made is not either had a sweet smell that can be an attraction. But he promise it doesn't taste bad it taste good actually.

"Sit down ash, Let it be as my thank you for saving me. I really don't know what happen to if You weren't there" Mahiru said with a polite smile looking down.

This scene Ash fine it cute. But he gave a little smile to Mahiru. "Its nothing, you really shouldn't do th-"

Ash once again was cut of by a growl from his stomach. Ash cheeks went pink. Traitor was all he thought glaring silently at his own stomach. Ash heard the other chuckle which made him smile once more.

"Your stomach say the opposite though." Mahiru smile. "I don't mind anyway." Mahiru said with a smile.

"Well, thank you." Ash said shyly and pick the chopsticks beside the bowl.

"Itadakimus." Ash murmur silently before eating. From the first taste he froze which Mahiru was worried. But when Ash finished what he had in his mouth and almost shouted the word "delicious" mahiru smile. He can see a sparkling stars on those Crimson red eyes and the smile of Ash does make Mahiru's heart Flattered. Mahiru smile and eat his ramen. This is the first time over this years that he is able to eat dinner with someone. His dad always forbid him to eat when his here so Mahiru doesn't eat at all.

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