Chapter 80: Past 4

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3rd person's pov

When Mahiru, Licht and Lawless was kidnapped by C3 that Time. (Chapter 12: Past 1)

After that Kidnapping incident, Lawless decided to distance hisself from Licht and Mahiru for their own protection. But he can't with His Affection for Licht and Licht always with Mahiru Lawless can't help but to be friends with Licht.

Lawless also Feared that If he distance his self from Mahiru and Licht then C3 might hurt them and use Him against him without him Knowing since his not close with Mahiru and Licht too.

Licht had Known this Problem of Lawless somehow and said,

"I'm an Angel. They won't hurt me and they won't hurt an Angel's pet." Licht said.

Lawless was shock at that. He was shock to see Licht smile at sincerely. Lawless knows too what Licht was talking about, their friendship. Licht knows that Lawless is Servamp but They were not contracted yet.

"Li-chan, Lawless-san." They were in the park sitting under the big Tree. But then They heard a sweet voice calling them.

They turn their heads towards that person who sat next to Lawless.

Lawless ignore the other's presence and look at Licht. "Why'd you call me an Animal's pet earlier?" Lawless said frowning.

"Aren't you?" Licht said.

"How could you be so Mean! Can you be like princess here." Lawless said hugging Mahiru on his side.

Mahiru just look at then Innocently comfused.

"Get your demontic Hands out of an Pure angel." Licht glare deadly.

"Oh~ Its Mean that licht-tan is not a Pure angel?" Lawless teased.

Licht then Smack Lawless's head.

"Don't dare say that Demon." Licht said.

Lawless pat his head. "Ouch." He said.

"Lawless-san are you ok? Li-chan Why would you do something like that, Its not nice and how many times do I told you Lawless-san is Not a demon. Mean Li-chan." Mahiru said as he pout at Licht a Bit and pat Lawless's head ever so slowly.

"Why are you in Demon's side anyway?" Licht said rather disappointed.

"I'm not at anyone side ok? But what are you talking about earlier?" Mahiru ask.

"Oh, Speaking of that... Its abo.." lawless was about to tell Mahiru but Licht Cut him,

"This demon had many Enemies that is after him. Including the once who Kidnapped us. He doesn't like to involved us in his problem so his way is to stay away from us. I told him that his enemies won't touch an Angel(Licht doing his Pose) and the angel's pet." Pointing at Lawless.

Lawless glare. "I told you I'm not your pet!"

Mahiru then look at Lawless with tears forming in his eyes. "You won't really leave us Won't you Lawless-san?" Mahiru was doing his puppy cute teary eyes.

Lawless gulp, He can't defeat this side of Mahiru.

"Do-don't Cry, I-I..." lawless said and look down. "I just thought leaving you will be the much safer." Lawless look down.

"How can you be so mean?" Mahiru started to scold him.

"You know that me and Li-chan will be sad without you around won't you Li-chan?" Mahiru said.

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