Chapter 52: Past 3

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3rd person's pov

The Lust and Greed pair both blush when they enter the room of the Sloth Pair.

They saw Mahiru was sleeping peacefully snuggled to Kuro's Chest and as well as Kuro who is asleep peacefully while his arms was wrap around Mahiru and face was above Mahiru's hair. To add up Kuro's hood wasn't on, It was laying all the way down so his sky Blue hair do really visible.

"Aw~ This is Cute" (Snap-Snap) Lily said as he take a picture of them.

"Aw~ Licht-tan We could be like that too if You want~?" Lawless said happily as he too got his Cell and took a Picture.

"Shut Up you demon!" Licht said coldly as he was about to kick Lawless who dodge.

"I never seen Nii-san this Peaceful over my life." Old Child said as he walk in the room.

"Yeah, The sloth look comfy. " tetsu commented.

"How Can't he? Mahiru is the one who he is cuddling, It was nice you know to cuddle Mahiru to sleep." Misono said.

"I agree." Licht said.

(Sigh) "I'm jealous~." Lawless said fake tears coming from his eyes. Wishing he too can sleep with Licht just like that. Licht roll his eyes.

"It is heart breaking if we Wake them up." Lily said.

"But Mahiru can't skip Dinner, Specially if he is the one who will gonna cook one." Licht said with a smirk.

"Yeah I agree." Misono said walking towards the bed.

Licht smirk. "Let me wake them up." Licht said he went to the bed and gave a Kick on Kuro's Side you can heard a break of the ribs. Everyone look at Licht scared and Weirdly.

"I-is he really an Angel?" Old child ask Lawless who the same time was shock.

"Don't know." Lawless said out of the shock.

Kuro growl in pain, he then move to his side and saw Licht smirking at Him. He sigh.

"Violent Angel." Kuro murmur.

"Oh~ Someone wants to be kick again~?" Licht said. Kuro paled and tranform into a Cat and hide on the pillow. Which such action Mahiru stir awake.

"Hey guys." Mahiru said and rub cutely.

"Hey Princess looks like you had a wonderful sleep ~." Lawless greeted.

"I think so." Mahiru reply with a Slightly yawn.

"Heh? Where is Kuro?" Mahiru notice when the blue haired Vampire is no where to be found. He saw that the Pillow beside him move and well was Vibrating. Mahiru lift the pillow and saw the cat shivering.

"Kuro? Are you ok?" Mahiru ask worriedly. Kuro look up and went near Mahiru.

"Did you have another nightmare Per Chance?" Mahiru ask. Kuro shook his heAd.

"Then why are you shivering?" Mahiru ask.

Kuro was about to speAk when a dedly awra was coming from behind he look behind and saw Licht glaring at Him. Kuro just gulp and...

"Its Such a Pain~" kuro said and attempt to make him small as possible.

Mahiru was worried and just pat Kuro. "Hey, Hiru-chan how about you make us Dinner." Licht suggested.

"I don't mind as long as Mikado-sama won't mind using his kitchen." Mahiru said.

"Dad won't mind, I'm sure of it." Misono said.

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