Chapter 58: Revieling the Truth

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3rd person's pov.

When Misono wake up , He find hisself in pain. His ribs hurt and also his head. He slowly open his eyes, Groan before sitting up slowly and helding his head.

He remember he got kidnapped and when he wake up next thing he knows he was being badly bitten by a familiar man saying that his Father did take someone from him and Misono was the only key for revenge. So theh beat the hell out of Misono, But not totally.

Misono look at the room and saw it was a room with one door and one air ventilation. He look to his side and saw a familiar blonde hair sleeping, With badly injured neck and had some bruises in his face.

"Mikuni!" Misono said and went to his Brother. Good thing the change was enough to reach his Brother. Misono held his brother towards his lap and keep waking him.

"Mikuni, Mikuni, Nii-san!" Misono called concernedly.

Mikuni open his eyes slowly before looking at Misono. "Misono?" Mikuni called weakly. Misono sigh in relief.

"Mikuni you bastard tell me what is happening now." Misono said demanding. Mikuni slowly sat up with the help of Misono. Misono grab Mikuni's Scarp that his laying near Mikuni and went it to wrap around Mikuni's Injured neck gently.

Mikuni smile at his Brother's action.

"Thanks For this." Mikuni said holding his neck that was now a pain but slightly. "And as for your question I don't know what is happening but all I know was that New Secretary of Dad seems is the reason behind this." Mikuni said still feeling weak.

"Yes, His the one who I saw whenI wake up. All he just said that father take someone from him and I'm the best key as for a Revenge." Misono explains.

Mikuni shot open his eyes and went to check Misono. "Are you ok? Did he hurt you? Or anything else?" Mikuni ask worriedly. Misono was shock by this action of Mikuni but sigh. "I'm fine, Just a little scratch." Misono said giving mikuni an Assuring look.

Mikuni suddenly having a bad aura. "How dare~ How dare he hurt Misono and Mahiru!." Mikuni said coldly deadly an aura to kill. Misono back away and gulp.

"Mi-Mi-Mikuni?" Misono said scared a little.

With that the door open, and they shove a Unconscious Mahiru roughly to them. Good Thing Misono and Mikuni got Mahiru.

"Hahahaha... I still didn't have fun to the cuty, But Oh my god Your Father is already hahahaha Panicking. Once I got all his money all of you are useless but Not that Cuty, His quite a Charm." The man said and smile at them happily.

"What in hell did you do to Mahiru!?" Misono said glaring coldly at the man. "Nothing much, jusy injected a Drug to him so I can use him later." The man said chuckling.

"Why are you doing this!?" Mikuni ask coldly.

The man suddenly gave a sad smile.

"Its Just... It you don't know how it hurts me to lost someone you love. The only family that you have in such a young age. You don't know how the hell I suffer when My sister Die." He started to talk and look sadly.

" I was once a simple child. Living with my sister who is supporting me. My mom and dad are divorce so they went to a separated ways. My Sister and I was the only one to live, I live happy... But one day because of Your Doing Mikuni, It change my life..." the man said and start smirking.

"My sister saw the crime that you did, 3 maids did. One name Shinoa, Shimui, Two name Shirota Maki, and the Third one was my sister. Hatsukei Yumika." Yuuzuo said and glare with them with a sinister smile.

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