Chapter 8: Change 2-being open

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3rd person's pov

When Ash wake up in the next morning, well late in the morning. He saw a text in his phone.

From: Mahiru   7:30 am

Good Morning Ash 😊

Ash can't be more happy with such a simple message. He smile and reply back, he didn't mind waking up early well for him 10:45 am is too early, but he don't mind waking up earlier than that if This is what he will greeted him.

To: Mahiru 10:47am

Good Morning too 😊 sorry for the late reply, I don't usually Wake up early in the morning.

Ash keep laying on his bed and waited for a reply. But he got a reply 10 minutes had pass.

From: Mahiru

Its fine. Hey What are you doing?

Ash smile and reply.

To: Mahiru

Well, Not much just laying in the bed and texting with you.

From: Mahiru

Oh? I'm actually doing the same. All though I'm not laying on the bed but the couch.

Ash smile, and suddenly an idea came to his brain. Finally his brain work.

To: mahiru

Do you want to go somewhere?

Ash was nervous about that message, is like his a girl who is inlove. Well he is inlove and asking his Crush to go out. Ash suddenly regret sending that message. He feel that he just invite his crush on a date. Ash shook his head and said to hisself that its not a date, its just hang out.

From: Mahiru

Sure, Where too though?

Ash didn't think of this, he didn't really know where they should go. Where would a good spot.

To: Mahiru

I-I don't know where to, Since I didn't think this too far.

Mahiru reading that Message chuckle. Ash felt his cheek went pink and felt embarrassed about the fact he ask Mahiru to go out but he didn't know where.

From: Mahiru

Its fine. We can just stroll in the park and maybe go stargazing, Do you like Star perhaps?

Ash like the sound of walking in the park with Mahiru. He admit he doesn't like Walking but as long as with Mahiru he doesn't Complain it. Stargazing? He didn't hate it, but he didn't like either because what is so Fun and amazing within the stars? Maybe Ash should ask Mahiru about this.

To: Mahiru.

I like the sound of Walking. But Stargazing? I don't hate it nor like it. I never went stargazing before, I see stars in the sky every night but... What is amazing within them?

Ash felt nervous sending those message, he felt like a little scared, its like that Message came up wrong and Rude. Ash now slap his forehead. He should really really learn languages and grammars.

From: Mahiru

Heh? You never went to a stargazing? Thats Sad.... I guest I can show you if you won't mind.

Ash widen his eyes, he didn't believe what he just Saw. Is it possible that this gonna be a date? He thought, well in the mangga and anime that Ash saw, two people usually go on a date by stargazing and picnics. Ash's smile grew wider and if his siblings saw him for sure they will think the world is already ending because he just smile!

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