Chapter 11: Angel and Vampire

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3rd person's pov

Licht Jekylland Todoroki, A famous Pianist. He is currently 19 years old and right now All he wanted is to take a break from all of the performances non stop so he ask Kranz (his manager, And seems he can call him his second mother) to have a break in Japan. Kranz agree because he knows Why Licht chooses Japan to his Vacation spot. Its always Japan.

Because Licht best friend was somewhere in Japan province, Currently Licht is in Tokyo and he just arrive. He will process some documents so he can go and book a flight to where his best friend is.

Livht right now was in his room, In his hoter sitting in the couch while he got his phone and texted his friend to inform him that he is already in Japan. But before he can do that, A annoying voice had spoke.

"Hey Angel Babes~ Where are going now~?"

Licht glare at this person and attempt to kick him. But it seems every kick he made The owner of the voice dodge it.

"Don't you dare call me That SHIT RAT!" Licht said very coldly.

"Why Give such a bashful name to A cute creature like me~?" The shit rat pouted childly.

"As if your cute." Licht said coldly once more.

"But your the one who said it~" The sit rat said with a playful smile.

"Thats because I thought your a cute-Animal. Never thought your a demon !" licht said coldly.

"Thats so mean Angel Babe~"

"Hyde Told you not to call me that or else!" Licht warned, The so called hyde back away a little and signal his body in defeat.

Licht sigh that finally Hyde was now quiet.

"Lich-tan~" hyde called as he sat down on the couch near litch.

"What?" Licht answered coldly.

"Why did you pick my Animal form? Anyone who see it will run away because it has Spikes." Hyde ask and wondered.

Licht sigh,"Its because I thought you were an Angel-pet."

Lichtb clearly remember yesterday. The day he made one of his friend (Yes he admit that lawless was his friend) which is Hyde as his Servamp.


Licht was walking on the street when he found out he almost step into something. He look at it and its a hedgehog. Its cute yet deadly just like How Licht like. It has black and white stripes just like his hair and just like an angel.

"Come on little one, You and me shall purify the earth." Licht said as he got the small creature on his hand and let it go to his hotel where he was currently staying.

Licht put the animal in his bed and start to pat it Slowly in the head.

"From now on your name will be Hyde, Just like Jekyll and Hyde. Together we will purify the World with music." Licht said as he gave a little smile at the animal, He even gave an Item and hang it on the Hedgehog neck.

"A gift from an angel like me." Licht said, Then afterwards Licht put the hedgehog on the bed and walk towards a piano.

"Listen to a beautiful melody My partner." Licht said as he walk towards the piano and started to play. The melody was soft and smooth, its like its gonna hypnotized to fall in a peaceful slumber.

As Licht was done he turn around but the one who is in the bed wasn't a hedgehog but his annoying demon friend. Licht immediately kick the so called Demon, But this demon dodge the kick.

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