Chapter 68: little Re-cap

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Warning ⚠️: Somescene is An abusive scene.

3rd person's pov

A 8 years old boy Name Mahiru was nervous getting home. His sweating in fear and shivering too. As he walk towards his so called home his steps getting Heavy. He likes to run but his Steps doesn't like to, Instead his steps is towards the apartment he can call it Hell.

He gulp and went to the elevator. All the way his Hugging hisself and preparing for the worst. Once the elevator was open he really don't think he can move to his spot currently. He was frozen as white. But before the elevator close, He manage to get out.

He stand up in the hall for a couple of Minutes before gulping and went to the door of his apartment. He slowly open it and said nervously.

"I'm... Home." Mahiru said.

He was greeted by a Glass of Bear thrown to him. It hit his head pretty hard as he fell towards the ground holding his head.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU CAME FROM YOU BRAT!? " his so called Father yelled at him again.

"I'm sorry-." Mahiru said but was cut off when a hand on his throat was helding it Tightly and he can't breath.

Mahiru was struggling at first with tears forming his eyes until he went weak. His Father let him go and Mahiru fell to ground coughinh badly.

"You Stupid Fucking weak of A useless Brat!" His father said and kick him again to a Wall. Mahiru groan.

"Well, I'll have fun of you tonight since it will be my last Day. Don't worry I'll come back." His dad said as he saw that his Dad held a Knife and whip in his hands.

Mahiru but can't help but to just cry. His Father the roughly got him and cover his mouth with a towel.

Then Next thing he knows he was crying holding his knees close to his chest near the door. He was crying, He was full with cuts all over his body. But worst he has a deep Cut in his back with some Cuts. Mahiru was currently a Bloodly mess.

"I enjoyed Are lovely Father-son Bonding." His father said as it pat his Head.

Then the door suddenly open. His father look at the door and saw a Kid no more a 15 years old Kid wearing a White Hoody Jacket, With normal black pants and some sniker. His hair is sticking out the slightliest Black and white portion, and his Blue eyes staring at the scene shock.

"Tsk, Your in the wrong room!" His Father said and close the door roughly.

What that teen saw is that Mahiru's Father is holding a bloody whip and a Knife with blood on it.

His Father then Went towards the bathroom and started to clean leaving the knife infront of Mahiru and some Medicine that Inside of Mahiru's Bag. He came from School and this is what he get every time he got home.

He had a medicine for his insomnia since the event happened to his Mother and him, He seems can't really sleep well. So The doctors gave him some medication with his nightmares.

But his true nightmares lies in the reality. With his father.

He grab his bottle of Medicine and shove some of it into his mouth and gulp it. He started to feel nauseous. The door towards his apartment slam open. He saw blury vision. But he heard a familiar Voice call for him.

"Hiru-chan! "

"Li-chan." Mahiru called and tears was falling hard.

Licht held Mahiru close to him. He conclude that Mahiru was not in a good Condition.

"Li-chan, I'm Tired, I'm Tired making Him love me, What did I do wrong to deserve this? Why can He just lovehis only son, Li-chan! I'm... I don't know what to do..."

Mahiru Cry to the fullest with this. Licht feel so Sad towards his Only Friend he never thought that his only Friend was suffering like this. Licht held Mahiru close to him. He feel Anger towards Mahiru's Father but Worried and concerned towards Mahiru.

Mahiru then started to cough badly at that.

"Hiru-chan?" Licht called concerned.

Mahiru then put his Hand on his mouth. He started to cough blood.

"Hiru-chan, Mahiru! mahiru!" Licht called panickly. Licht saw a Bottle of medicine beside Mahiru. Livht widden his eyes and called for Mahiru until Mahiru fall unconscious.

Licht panic more. He carry Mahiru bridal style and bring Mahiru to the nearest Hospital.

With that mahiru was 4-5 hours inside the Operating Room which Licht was damn worried for his only Friend.

Then once the doctor is out. Licht found out how Badly Mahiru's Injuries is. Mahiru was Abusing by his Father too long to got such an Injuries. Mahiru's Back earn some stitches because of his Father.

Then Licht learn Mahiru is doing Self-harming. Turns out those medicines that Mahiru had take leads to Mahiru weakening his Immune system and body since he take too much ofit.

Licht can' help but To be anger at Mahiru's Bastard of A Father. He didn't know that As Sweet As Mahiru is It he had a bastard of A Father that is abusing and hurting him.

The Next 2 weeks Mahiru was asleep and didn't Open his eyes.
Licht was worried about this, but after 2 weeks he did wake up but Mahiru was never been his self after that. He became emotionaless and always cry with no reason suddenly.

It last for 2 months until mahiru went Back to normal hisseld thanks to Licht and Kranz assistance. Licht told Kranz About Mahiru's Situation and Kranz said that Mahiru's Father should be reported.

Mahiru didn't like it. He knows his father had access on the government and the Police.

Mahiru explains towards Kranz and Licht that His Mom once report it towards the authority about his Father doings. But then after 5 months his Father got out in the prison and came back to them and warned them that if they will do what they do (Reporting towards the authority) then he had no choice but to kill them.

With tha Mahiru shut up. He doesn't like To Be killed Nor his Friend Licht and Kranz. So he didn't like to Report his Father.

Licht listen To Mahiru its because Mahiru beg. But one Condition that Mahiru is going to stay with Licht.

Licht was serious so Mahiru can't say No.

But there is another problem. When Licht's parents found out he is being friend with a Commoner rhen Mahiru was thrown out and end up coming Back to his So called Home.

Licht decided to Escape now and then and visit Mahiru here and there to make sure Mahiru is Ok and fine. But his Visit end up when his parents send him away from japan To continue his Piano lesson.

Mahiru left in the house again with an Abusive Father. But he promised his Friend Licht that He will be ok when Licht will come Back so he take care of Hisself, But Not totally.

With This Mahiru wake up.


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