Chapter 65: live happy

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When Lunch came immediately Misono approached Mahiru.

"Mahiru are you ok?" Misono ask in concerned.

"Half of me is ok, Half of me is isn't."Mahiru answered with a sad smile.

"Don't worry bug brother Mahiru, were here for you." Tetsu said as he put an arm at Mahiru's shoulder. Mahiru grab Tetsu's hand and smile a little. "Thanks." Mahiru said.

Lily chcukle a little.

"Shall I strip for you Mahiru to make you feel better?" Lily said already showing his pale shoulder. A book was thrown to him and saw his eve glare at him deadly. "Don't you dare!"misono said. Lily fix his clothes and smile innocently.

Misono then went beside Mahiru.

"I'm sorry for my family and everything happened Mahiru. I'm really Really sorry." Misono said lookind down, his eyes full of Sorrows, Sad, and Regret.

Mahiru grab Misono's hand which shock Misono. "I forgive you and all of your family. Beside... Even if it hurts, Its simpliest just to Forgive." Mahiru answered.

Misono can't help but burried his face on Mahiru's chest and cry a little. "How can you be so Nice?" Misono said silently sobbing.

"I don't know. But I hope that you and Mikuni-san will be ok already. " mahiru said and pat Misono's head.

Misono then lift his head and look at Mahiru.

"Thank you, For every single thing Mahiru. I don't even know how to repay you." Misono said and smile and wipe his own tears.

Mahiru just pat Misono's Head and smile too.

"Your lucky Sleepy ash. So lucky." Old child commented standing near Kuro. Kuro sigh lazily but deep inside he was happy.

"I already know that." Kuro replied.

Together they eat lunch. But as what others observe Mahiru didn't eats as much as he normally Do. He eat less food and after that he excuse hisself and walk towards the garden. Licht sigh.

"I'm worried for Mahiru." Lawless said continue eating.

"Its normal. He usually like that when he is down. Just gave him some time
To think." Licht said.

"You know Mahiru than anybody else in this table. Are you two that close?" Lawless ask.

Licht sigh again. "I told you his the only Friend I have. Best friend." Licht said with a slightly.

"How Jealous." Lawless said.

Licht look at Lawless confusedly but then decided to shrug it.

"Aw... This is nice." Lily said happily.

After Kuro Eating, he went to search for his eve. His eve scent directed him towards the garden.

"Menduksei..." kuro said before stepping out in the sun and transformed into a cat. He then search for his Eve and saw Mahiru was looking at the White Roses with an sadness in his eyes while giving a small Sad smile.

Mahiru then pick the flower and smell it. "Its Beautiful." Mahiru said and smile. He look up in the sky and made hisself feel the wind against him and close his eyes.

"Mom~ I miss you within this passing days." Mahiru said and look at the white rose in his hand and smile. "This rose is like you, Symbolize of peace, harmony, and Calmness. Just like how you thought me to be... And I still belive in those things Mom." Mahiru said and start to peal off the petals of the white rose one by one and let the wind blows those Roses.

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