Chapter 41: Is this a Dream?

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3rd person's pov

When Mahiru come back, To much Kuro's Delight Mahiru has a Cup of Cookies and Cream Ice cream for him and itvhas 3 scoop.

"Good, The Lunch wasn't enough earlier." Kuro said as he saw the content of the cup.

Mahiru chuckle a bit. "Oh, Kuro. I just don't want to get you full for today, I want to have a little Picknic in a Secret place. But even its a little bit hard to get there I hope you don't transform yourself and be a Cat and complain its Too troublesome or else I'll force you To come." Mahiru said seriously and glare a little.

Kuro heavily sigh.

"Yeah, Yeah, Mom." Kuro said.

"Neet, Don't call me that." Mahiru said and Blush.

"Cute." Kuro said Unconsciously, He realize what he said and blush look away.

Mahiru blush more when he heard that. He just focus on his Ice cream and continue eAting.

Kuro panic a Little and felt a little bit akward. He wanted to slap his own mouth when he said that.

Mahiru find it akward but he decided to ignore it and said:

"Would You like to go somewhere after this?" Mahiru ask with a smile.

Kuro was shock a bit. "How come he act like nothing Happened?.... Such a pain." Kuro thought.

"Su-Sure." Kuro said a little bit nervous.

After that, Mahiru decided to Bring Kuro on the side of the beach where they went last time. But this time it is different. Kuro didn't wear his boots but instead just a normal Rubber slipper because he knows Mahiru will gonna take him here and its nice to feel the waves as it clashes to his Feet.

The sun was already Setting so Kuro is safe with this. Kuro notice that he is holding Mahiru's hand as they walk along side of the beach slowly, Butbit seems Mahiru was not bother and thats what Kuro like.

"So Kuro, I know its a sensitive question but Do you really intended to be alone for your whole life?" Mahiru ask.

Kuro look down and re-think. He doesn't want to be alone, Yes it was a good feeling beinh alone but being Lonely is not. Kuro, If he had a chance he wanted to be alone with Mahiru.

"I really don't know..." kuro reply monotonely.

Mahiru chuckle a little.

"Then If You had a lover, What type of Lover would you like?" Mahiru ask, Well his a little bit nervous asking that but he was shock to hisself that he manage to have a courage to ask that.

Kuro blink once or twice before he had a process of Such a question. He look away.

"Maybe something Cheerful, Caring, Kind-hearted and well a perfect housewife." Kuro said a little nervous.

Mahiru was shock abit, Its almost exactly what Sakuya said to him. Well ofcourse the Housewife part. But he sakuya and Kuro are different. And beside he is not a Kind-Hearted but a Worthless, Usele- Mahiru shook his thoughts about that.

"Nice choice." Mahiru said as he smile a little.

It was silent as the waves are the only music that can be heard.

"Yo-You? Wh-Who would You li-Like? i... I mean I-Ideal ... uhm..." Kuro said super nervous that he look away, He was afraid that his Not Mahiru's Ideal type.

Mahiru laugh a little. Kuro was curious a bit.

"Why are you laughing?" Kuro ask.

"I just remember the first time I meet You. You shutter a Lot, Are you that Really nervous ?" Mahiru ask.

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