Chapter 60: Finally I found you

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3rd person's pov

"Okay~ That is one secret we found out! How dare Nii-san Didn't even tell us!" Lawless said when he regain from the shock.

"Sleepy Ash do know more but lets just say he doesn't like Talking." Old Child said.

"He doesn't like anything!" Lawless said feeling irritated.

"If the sloth can do it, Can you do it?" Licht said and was looking at both Lily and Jeje who look at each other.

They nod and bite their wrist, Swing the blood and it created an String connected to something. That String was color yellow and pink.

Jeje and Lily was surprise but smile that it work.

"Wow, I wonder what else Nii-san Knows that he doesn't tell us?" Lawless said.

"More importantly lets follow the string." Jeje said and they nod and follow the string.

For Kuro on the other hand had followed the string with one particular Person in mind. Mahiru.

But as he got towards he thinks is the ground floor, there was a stairs leading down so he decided to go beside the string went towards that direction. He saw an Door and was about to open it when he heard a Click.

"Who are you?" A Man said as he pointing a Gun towards Sleepy ash.

Kuro smirk, and look at the man behind him. "Such a Pain." Kuro said lazily.

"Tsk, you must be one of the agent that Mikado the bastard Hired. No wonder you are gonna die this instant." The man said as he pull the trigger and fired. Kuro jump up in the air before the bullet hit him and landed smoothly behind the man who was shock.

"What The!" The man said shivering a Little.

One guy of another hit Kuro in the head with a Gun. Kuro was laying on the ground groaning.

"Tsk, Die worthless." The man said as he pull the trigger but Kuro move to the other side and got the man's feet sending him to the ground. The man hit his head and groan in pain. Another man was trying to shoot Him but in an instant Kuro got the gun that he was holding and throw it away.

The man was shock at Kuro's Strength and speed. Kuro just have his usual Bored look.

"Why Dumb You!" The man said, In an instant Kuro just gave a hit at the man's neck and make him unconscious.

The other man stood their frozen and was shock with Kuro's action.

Since the other man was Shock, Kuro take this as an Opportunity to go forward and follow the string. It seems the string wasn't notice by anyone.

In his second Trial, Kuro was surprise that a man was just sitting in the door while chatting happily. They Are 3 of them. Kuro sigh lazily.

"Ugh, Menduksei..." Kuro said grabbing the attention of the 3.


The Greed pair on the other hand was With Jeje and was following the yellow string deep down. Licht was not ok with this since the one that they were following is Leading to Mikuni.

Then they saw a two guards in standing in the door with a gun on their hands high alerted.

"Huh? You mean there is an intruder coming? That is impossible." One of the man said to the other guy.

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