Chapter 1: Finally, he went out

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3rd person's pov

"ASH! You need to go out in there! YOU NEED SOME OUTDOOR STUFF TOO." All of Love said banging on the big white door, with blue carvings on it.

"Can't deal... Leave me alone." Ash reply lazily as he cover hisself with his blanket while he was sleeping. All he wanted to do is sleep and get one day of peace.


Ash sigh and get up from his bed with a groan. "Why can they just leave me alone!? Can I have a day without them pestering me!?" Ash thought feeling annoyed. He openthe door and glare at them individually.

"What do you want?" Ash said giving a glare to his brothers.

"Oh Nii-san, you should really look at yourself in the mirror. Look at you..." All of love said looking at Ash from top to toe.

"Tsk, so what? I told you a hundred times I do not want to go out. So leave me alone." Ash growl at his brother and sister. Before he can close the door his sister put her feet on the door to prevent it from closing.  She grab Ash back collar and drag him out.

"Sorry if this is a force but its been what? A hundred years since you didn't go Outside of the house, so today you like it or not your going." His  sister said with a bad aura which Ash gulp. Then he sigh in annoyance.

"Why? Why do you guys can't leave me alone!?" Ash said as he stand up and slam the door behind him. He doesn't really like going out. So what if he is being a hundred years lock in his room? So what if he doesn't like socializing? Its his happiness, its what he likes to be alone.

He can't remember a day where his annoying brother will barge in in his room to force or atleast try to pull him outside of the house. All Ash wanted is to eat some junk foods, play Video games and that is. No more, he wouldn't say he doesn't like his siblings but he sometimes wish that they weren't this annoying.

Ash groan in annoyance once more before just putting a jacket and thats is. "Ah... its so troublesome to go...." Ash said, he open the door and saw his two siblings. His sister and his brother.

"Lets go Ash?" Love ask happily

" do we really have too... its too troublesome..." ash said lazily.

"You should go with us or else, you will  regret it!" His sister said with a bad aura. Ash stay silent and look away.

"Can't deal..." he thought. As they were walking in the halls nearing the Main door, ash feel lazy and lazy as he got there. He felt annoyed and more annoyed as he reach the main door.
When he saw the door and stood a few meters away, he quickly stop and turn around.

"On second thought, I forgot something you gu-" before ash can say anything His sister grab his hood and drag him outside.

"Lets go, we will gonna be late." His sister said.

Ash keep protesting and protesting and next thing they know was they were out. Ash was facing the Orange sky, well its orange since the sun was getting down.

Ash widen his eyes, he can't believe that he walk out of the house, for a more than a hundred years he stayed in his house mostly in his room, he manage to go out today. Why did he let his siblings drag him this time when they keep dragging him in the past?

Usually Ash will just transform hisself into a cat and run away from them and hide. He will just hide either in the attic of the castle or in his hidden place to sleep. Then these guys is tired of finding him and give up and went on. But the next day they will do the same, bang in ash's door and invite him outside. He refuses and do the same rutein. But it seems doing the same technique for more than a Hundred years is too tiring too. If he runs away now sure this too specially all of love Will bang again in his door and drag him outside once more.

"Hey you two." Ash called in a monotone.

"Yes Nii-san?" Love turn around and face his Nii-san with a smile.

"This is the last time you two gonna annoyed me on going out. So I agree to go out this time but Tomorrow pls let me have a peaceful quite time alone." Ash said.

Mother smile. "Of course Nii-san. You can since today you already step outside. Come on hope in the car. We will go to the mall." The mother said with a chuckle and hop in in the driver sit.

Love chuckle and hop in beside the driver sit. "I'm excited." Love said with a smile.

Ash sigh "can't deal..." said lazily and hop at the back of the car. He close the door and look at his siblings.

"Now, of all the places why mall where full of People? You know its too troublesome to go in a crowded places." Ash said monotonely.

"Oh, because. I had a cuppon that I could shop 50% of some importend and signature cloths and bags. But it has limited time and day. Today is the day and I have only 7 pm to 7:30 pm to pick those things that I wanted 50% discount." The mother said happily.

"Ugh... too troublesome why need more clothes?" Ash said as he groan in annoyance.

"Brother? You seems to be in trouble, would you like If I strip for you to make it feel better?" Love said already showing his shoulder.

"THAT WONT MAKE THINGS BETTER!" Ash and his sister yelled in unison. Love just chuckle and smile.

"Ok, how about lets go? Its already 6:30 pm." Love said as he look at his wrist watch.

"Oh yeah, lets go." The mother said and start the engine.

Ash was planning to get out of the car and run but then the door was lock and the car start running. Ash sigh again, he transform hisself into a cat and close his eyes.

Atleast he can get some peaceful sleep during the road trip.


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