Chapter 17:Where everything Start 2

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3rd person's pov

The high speed of the car can be heard. Wrath is chasing the car of the C3. Her Car is small but its fast than them. She catches somebullets with them which resulted a damage to her car. Which add to her anger. How dare they damage one of his baby! He speed up ahead them and stop sideway in there track resulting hitting her Car. Two Cars did hit her.

She went out of the Car and start to attack what is inside the car and saw His Nii-san was held on a Cage. Wrath smirk and got the cage and was about to run, But the cage was Kick by a man sending Flying towards down the hill to some Forest.

Wrath cursed at this man and swear to snap there necks. But the man manage to stun her and everything went black. Wrath last thoughts was "Nii-san".


When Mahiru wake up early in the morning he decided to Check his phone. He got a reply from Ash yesterday and decided to reply back.

To: Ash.

Good Morning sorry I didn't reply, I was busy and forgot to check the phone. Hope you forgive me.

Mahiru send it and smile, he was still confuse and felt guilty about Sakuya's confession. But he know to himself that he can't lie to hisself and to Sakuya.

Mahiru sigh and decided to eat breakfast, He open the fridge and sigh that he needs to buy something to eat, He suddenly remember a Forest that has some fresh fruit to pick with. He always went there and it seems the forest was no one's property.

His class today started at 9 since the First period, the teacher said he won't come because of some errand.

So Mahiru has a time to go to that forest. He grab his Basket and went towarda the Forest, It was nice to have a walk in such a beautiful scene. The sun was warm and nice, the air was nice, birds singing, It was great. Mother nature was really a one great Treasure.

When Mahiru was admiring the View and the forest he stumble upon something leading his nose and face met the ground.

"Itei..." he said and as he groan and try to stand up. He got his basket and look what he trip on. He saw a Cage and inside of it was a cute black Cat.

"Oh, you poor thing." Mahiru said and got the cage, he try to open the Cage and somehow he did open it. He pick the cat and was surprise that it was so soft.

"Who in the right mind to put such a cute cat like you inside of a Cage?" Mahiru said looking at the sleeping cat sadly. He pat the cat softly not wanting to wake it, Probably the Cat was tired.

He put the cat inside the basket and went to a tree to get some fruit and go home. That fruit became his breakfast and he put the cat out of the basket. He put the cat on his Bed and he cut the handle of the basket. He put some soft pillows on it. When he open his drawer he saw a small bell. He got a red yarn and hung the bell.

He look at the cat and smile. "I guess from today on I'll take care of you since probably the one who is your previous carer is mean, How in earth they would put you on a Cage?" mahiru said with a soft smile. He hung the bell in the cat's neck and smile.

"From today your Name will be Kuro, and I hope you don't mind living with me." Mahiru said with a smile and put the Black cat in the Basket, he put a blanket on Kuro and chuckle a little that Kuro is cute.

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