Chapter 14:

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Chapter 14: Mind can Forget, But heart won't

3rd person's pov

When Licht woke up he was laying on his bed, in his room, in his apartment. He felt a small throbbing pain in his head and heart but decided to shrug it off. He sigh and went to the bathroom to fix hisself and all as he does every single day. He wonders what would this day is gonna be? Probably just the same, just perform and make others happy and purified them as possible. Its an angel's work.

As Licht step outside, he had this feeling something is missing, or more like someone. Who could it be?

A knock from his room was made and he just shrug and voice out and said 'come in'. He went to his closet grab some clothes, he didn't bother to look who his visitor is sine he knew pretty well its..

"Licht wake up, you have a interview within an hour." The voice of Kranz was heard from the living room.

"Just a minute." Licht reply calmly as he sigh and got his clothes.

"So~ angel-babe Good Morning, Your gonna play piano today?"annoying, yet familiar voice said, Licht look around his room but saw no one. He quickly got dress and went to his living room, he saw only Kranz sitting in the couch probably waiting for him. That voice earlier was something annoying, yet he likes to hear and some how some what he heard that before, From whom? From where?

Licht just sigh and just go on with his day, he followed Kranz towars one room where some people was there probably in the interview. Licht sigh again and sat down on sit where he should be and Kranz beside him.

"Does Angel-chan tired~ Wanna play with me~?"Licht stand up in his sit and look around for that annoying voice again, he spot no one with the people is having that voice. Licht as an pianist should have a sensitive hearing, he should have a great hearing and yes he had great hearing. He can determine what notes would the sound would you make and he can determine the voice of a person and he was sure kranz or any of this interviewer here are having that voice.

Then a vision of boy came to him, its blur but all he remember was its blonde hair with black hair within. Licht got a head ache when seeing that vision. It confuse him to whom that was and why is that boy so familiar.

"...itch..." He wonders t who's that guy and why can't he remember "Licht!"

Licht snap out and look at Kranz.

"You ok? Your holding you forehead about 5 minutes without you answering my calls..." Kranz said out of worried, he put one hand on litch forehead and nek. "Your not sick, what happen to you?"

Litch just shrug. "Just Thinking." Licht said.

"Its not time to think! you have questions to answer." Kranz pout at Licht.Licht just sigh and get on with this interview but his mind was still focus on the mysterious boy.

When the interview was gone Kranz order Licht to rest, Licht when to kitchen decide to have a slice of Melon. But as soon he got the melon a voice can be heard again.

"Angel-babe~ Your eating a melon again, here let me slice it for you~?" Licht was shock again to what he saw, his blue eyes just widen about what he heard. He turn around and saw no one so he wonder why oh where and who that voice is. Must be just one of his fans that he couldn't remember, One thing why can't he remember? Also had a vision of an thin black sword with yellow flames on them. Licht shook his head and eat a couple slice of melon.

Licht after eating, got a message from Kranz that he had another concert so Licht to practice. he went o his piano and sat down, he start to get comfortable and soon touches those keys, But as his finger start to roam to a couple of keys that voice was heard again.

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