Chapter 15 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 

Chapter 15 -

This was turning out very well, hm, I don't know how it happened, but, I think that I've been kidnapped. Again. Not alone this time. Sasha's here, and Jasper, but this whole trap I'd been thrown into was entirely my own fault. Glaring discretely at another wall, I realised it wasn't even my fault that it happened. It was those two. Who were freaking out a tad too much. They're idiots and they're made me grumpy. . .

Oh hey, that baby things here. I hate Dakota. Kill me now, I'm not kidding. I found out what it's name was though, Dakota, kinda cute compared to, the thing. I scowled when it started crying, third time this hour. 

If you, like me, are wondering how I'm so calm about this, think about it. Iv'e done this all before, me and Sasha are a team! Sorted. Jasper's also great in this sort of situation but he looks confused and bored, and frightened. 

My eyes narrowed further, you've got to be kidding me!  If I had my scythe I'd be fine! I'd also be able to destroy that squishy small thing that I shall do with my bare hands in a moment. " Stupid baby. " 

" Jasmin! Shut up!"

" No, that should shut up!" 

" Jasmin, a baby is a living being!"

" No, it's an ugly, gooey, stinky, THING!" My claws sprung out, I want it shutting up, " I have very sensitive hearing in this confined, echoing, dark, space! " 

My claws still wont break the walls, nor will anyone else's attempts. My wings flashed outwards, I panicked, no! Don't come out! The purple flames lit up the shadows. I froze in my place, arms flailing around and balancing on one leg. " Let there be light!" I grinned, not exactly what I had in mind but still. . .

" Since when do you have wings!" They both stand in sync, a breif look between them shared.

" Since I met an elf who showed me the magic library of Tempestus " I waved my arms around mysteriously, Sasha's jaw dropped. Jasper looked twice as confused.

" You went there!"

" Sure thing!" I winked, handing her a very patronising thumbs up.

" How! Take me!"

" Wait, you don't know where it is? It's a pretty public place... Wait, why do you want to go?"

" There are so many great thing in that book, so much knowledge. "

Pulling the page of the book that I'd detached from it, I smiled. " Like turning invisible"

" You can't take the pages !"

" Why not?"

" It's... Meant to be impossible..."

" Uh, well, that's one big lie."

" It's supposed to combust.." She tried to take it. " HEY! If it combusts when you touch it please do not touch it." 

" Why does all the good stuff happen to you?" 

My jaw went slack, you've got to be kidding me! Dying is definitely not fun, it's freaking painful, Jasper knows that most of all. Time travel sucks! You have to start everything again, plus, if I'm honest, that didn't really work. I mean hello! I was taken and placed into a coma and then the whole surprise proposal. Oh and the whole hysterectomy forced upon me. Then in the past, I almost had everyone killed at least once.

The things that have happened recently, are not good! " You're an idiot. " 

Jasper came over and sat beside me, his eyes glowing blue in the flames from behind me. I smiled politely and ruffled up his hair. He sighed peacefully, stroking the flames and ending up unharmed. Hmm, so it only affects books and angels then? Good to know.

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