Chapter 6 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?


Chapter 6 ~


picture on the side is just a cartoon version of demetri I drew :) 

nothing too fancy :D

Just him in uniform ;)


I'd grown used to the pain in my legs, the walk seemed to stretch further than what it felt. Fields that didn't seem to end were somewhat tiring me, I think it had been a few days, there wasn't really much thought in keeping track. 

My subconscious was still over thinking the change of eye colour, the change of the blade, and where I wanted to go. I knew nothing of the kind of world we lived in at the moment, nor did I know where to go for help. Except, thinking back to a while ago, it had consisted of three simple levels. Angels, half breeds, and demons. Now that I think right, that's not correct, there was the kinds of cross breeds, Reece is part werewolf, I swear he said something like that. Then the point that there's vampires too. Yeah the typical stuff. You've probably got more I don't know about. And neko's, they exist. So, then where do you find something like that to help you? 

Where do I even find out where I am? The last thing that was even slightly helpful was a river which I found an hour or so ago. Now that I think about it, I should have followed the god damn thing instead of being stubborn and acting as if I knew better. I didn't, being lost. . . . Hold up, that's . . . A sign, and a . . . Oh thank god! A dirt path at least. 

I feel so relived ! I'm saved . Wait, what language is that? Chateau de carrouges? Is that french or something, am I seriously in France? Ha, no way, I've never even seen France, how could I just take myself here? I did it when we went to Risk's dimension or whatever. I swallowed a lump of guilt that got lodged in my throat. To the left, where the sign pointed was a miniature castle, weird and round and pointy. There were a few cars parked outside the building although I had only one small interest in them. Hot wiring. Not easy but, I suppose it's more fun than aimlessly walking around. No. You are a good person, who does good things. Besides, your not going anywhere hear that building without a small chance of being seen. To top that off, you can't communicate with the funny words on the sign, your holding a bad ass farming tool, and you look like death anyway. You eyes are still red too.

So walk!  

Why would you put a castle in the middle of no-where anyway. Pfft, that's more random than me on a crazy day filled with mountain dew. Speaking of which, I am stupidly hungry and parched, I am also stupid and surrounded by Fields of grass. 

At least there's some houses over there right? Civilisation has never seemed more unwelcoming and scary, I don't have my hat anymore, my tails just wiggling around and it's slowly getting colder. Yippee, more wilderness. Why can't can't I just teleport? I stamped my foot and swung my blade around in a temper tantrum. 

My clumsy side seemed to reappear, since I feel face first into a sandy floor. Looking up to find myself in the middle of a golf course somewhere else. Why does this power not help me in anyway uselfull? I mean a fucking golf course how is this- 

That sign is in English! It's helpful after all. I fist pumped the air, stopped to check I wasn't being watched and scurried out the sand. Rivenhall oaks golf centre. This is in Essex I'm sure I've driven past here a few times. 

Climbing to my feet I pulled myself up and out of the bunker, ducking as a golf ball almost knocked my out and scowled, Damn it. Throwing it back the way it came I jumped the fence near by and ran alongside the road with a new spark of enthusiasm. Thinking about it, I actually need to think about what I'm doing, now let's see. Where can I find a phone? 

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