chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Okay from that point, I was forced by every ones complaining to tell them. Even though they could probably tell anyway. Reece had gone into a thoughtful stare at the floor, Jasper just shrugged and searched for cookies while Demetri is copying Jasper. So reaction wise i'm pretty sure Jasper told Dan something different because I don't think this kinda thought would have been used now. While when i said something bad would have happened. I was incredibly right. 

I WAS OUT OF MOUNTAIN DEW ! I probably broke every ones eardrums with the scream that burst out of no-where, i ran over to the draws and swiped at the top counter, w-where's it all gone!? I know i had bottles. . . My eyes formed slits and accusingly glared at the two behind me, who were pointing at one another, well, it's obviously one of them. We can punish them both, my hands grasped the metal bat I had hidden behind the dresser ages ago in case of emergency. 

It's finally come to a good use, oh, I am so gonna love this, and the grin is gonna be permanently plastered onto my face for ages. I only took one step before the both of them ran away, wussy little girls. " GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BITCHES !"  I chased them around the length of the upstairs where Reece was constantly stacking it but Demetri was crying with laughter, " oh you think i'm bluffing?" I muttered. His face kinda knew i would attack him, why not? He's not even able to die, and I already broke Reece's neck before, I threw the metal bat and knocked the end straight into the back of his neck, the snap echoed around and I passed his twitching and screaming form laughing as i stopped to retrieve the weapon i needed and straight away threw it across the hall. Only missing Dem by a centimetre as he jumped around the corner, The bat smashed straight through the window opposite and over the back fence where it rolled across the  muddy woodlands that i never liked the look of. 

My feet were still going until i tried to climb back out the window, which was automatically stopped, by none other than my guard dog, as well as that i was pinned before i could get revenge at him, but really when he kissed me, from that point all was forgiven. . . Nope, i decided to headbutt him, and he fell to the floor in seconds. That's not gonna work, so i just kicked him and walked away, morons need to find a brain, and use it. " still worth it " He groaned from the floor, and it made me stop for a second before I just continued walking. I keep remembering loads of random things. Like, the fact I have not showered in ages ! I need to do that, and quick ! 


Don't you hate that feeling? It's so warm in the shower, you poke your foot out? It's like you moved ever so quickly into the north pole! What the hell, evaporation is a douche bag! Don't do it with an open window neither, it's stupid, and this is the only time where I hate science, but, condensation is cool. The way it's there to let you draw silly pictures on the glass or a mirror, where I normally doodle little hearts and smiley faces. Well this is normally where I freak out and go all crazy but i prefer to do this on paper, then you can draw it to perfection and erase any mistakes, here, you can't really. 

I tugged a towel around me, wiping the mirror clean and wiping my eyes, and smudging the already smudged mascara even more than it had previously been and this is why i should get some waterproof mascara, because I don't know how I feel  about water, i love it, my neko side hates it. Hence the forgetting to bath or shower thing, idiotic cat wants me to be a skunk obviously. I swear they force the throughts out of my head.

" now the hard part." I forgot to bring my clean clothes in here again, I thought i was smart enough but i'm not I forgot again, i was just desperate to remove my horrid filth. I knew what i had to do though, find out where anyone was before i left the room, impossible? 

n-Yes, but i'm not letting that little problem stop me, it's calm and i want it to stay that way, but firstly, i would have to remove this make up! Okay i'm procrastinating, who can blame me? Anyway, my wipes are in my room so how am i to do- nope no toilet roll left. So it's plan B run back to your room huh? Nope it's follow your clothes and wait, doesn't our laundry shoot drop into the washing machine? Oh, yeah. Run for your life it is!

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