Chapter 12 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die?


Chapter 12

 Jasmin's Pov (first):

Having to creep around the house, I finally managed to escape the grasp of my stupid fiance and can now go question my other idiot. So continuing on, I pushed lightly on Reece's door seeing it swing open with the small touch. Lying the wrong direction and twisted in the covers was the moron I was looking for. He was awake and too lazy to get up, he grinned at me. " He-ya Kitty cat!" He coughed, his voice raspy. He groaned and rolled, knocking onto the floor. " Ow."

" Aren't you meant to be getting ready?" I whispered, loud enough for him to hear.

" Why are you whispering? And no, I don't."

" You playing in your dumb ass band today."

" Oh shit." He leaped up, tripping up and landing at my feet. " I forgot."

" Yeah well you would."

" Of course." He shrugged, grabbing his guitar case and throwing it at me. I almost dropped it. I also almost had a heart attack. " Take that down stairs unless you want to watch me get dressed. "

Scurrying from his room, I quickly ran back to my own. Where I had forgotten about the sleeping thing that I left sleeping. I woke it when I shut my door with little care for the clash that created a loud crash. He opened his eyes, as I leaned the guitar against the wall. " Where have you been?" He grunted, kicking around to get up and standing in just a pair of joggers.

" I've been waking up our forgetful friend. "

" Oh right. " he smirked, " He forgot?"

" Yes, again."

" Well that's his problem. " He grumbled , wrapping his arms around my waist and dragging me towards the wardrobe. " I'm dressing you today!"

" What, no! Not after yesterday!" I screamed, trying to grab something nearby to hit him with. The wardrobe wouldn't move. I watched him shuffle through everything, slouching in a huff. " I hate you sometimes."

" Well your the one who agreed to marry me, your problem. "

" Oh go screw yourself!"

" I want to dress you! So I will !"

I didn't complain again, he was okay at picking outfits, sometimes he made me look quite nice. But this was a public event with a lot of bands and a lot of people. You know, a big field and a huge stage, like a festival, some people even camp and stuff since it's a three day sort of thing.

It's a big concert sort of thing, for bands that get accepted, and his did, yet I haven't even heard the whole band play, he doesn't let me come to any places he plays or rehearsal things neither. Now I can finally find out if he's actually talented or not.

I doubt him already.

Roxie's P.O.V ( NEW PERSON! ):

I was awoke this morning by my friends arguing over who left the tent open, then to top it off they decided that smacking me with a pillow was okay. That's the point where I was half way to killing the two of them. " Roxie! Tell her I did not open the tent!"

" What is wrong with you! The guys are gone! They obviously went out to get breakfast you twats! Geese ! You woke me up because you have no common sense!" Smacking them around the head with my pillow and glaring when the two guys came back in carrying a bunch of food.

" What?" James, the tallest who stood over me said innocently when they ducked through the doorway. He handed me a hot-dog. " We went for the food." He grinned.

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