Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

I bolted upright, automatic tears sprinkling down from my eyes, loud sobs echoing around me, as the thoughts were smashed away, I want them back, I want my family back!  

I shifted automatically as my anger grew, why haven't I shifted for the last few days? Oh yes I was chained up, where are those chains, I'll tear them apart link by link !  Which was easy when I used my cats claws with were much more useful.

I Calmed, dropping down into my seat, and frowning, well this is a fancy looking bedroom ... 

I nodded consiosly and had a peep about, slinking in and out of gaps, looking for a good spot to hide, around all of the old but very expensive furniture, all hazel in colour, wood and carved in the way of a sculpture, I poked my head around from the back of the wardrobe... Just that had to ruin it. 

The same one who knocked me unconsios ... Well made me pass out... 

Was scowling at the rooms emptyness, yes I hid back behind the wardrobe, who wouldn't ?  

People with some guts. 

I glared deeply at the chocolate carpet, now I'm in a kafuffle ... 

I yowled at the feel of my tail being yanked, and started thrashing about when I was pinned back on my side, trying to bite off his hands, Which were just out of reach. 

" your a pain in the ass, you know that?" he chuckled, clear harmlessness in his eyes... Doesn't he know I killed -Okay, almost killed him? What the fudge? 

" shift back"  

Uh, ha ha! No . 

" naww, shy?" he grinned picking me up like I was some baby or something. Heck yeah I bit him, and then hid again. 

" what is your problem?" he muttered throwing a tank top and pair of jean shorts underneith the bed. 

I attemted a slight change in cat form and when I shifted back, they were half on, only having to yank my shorts up and put an arm in it's hole.I feel weird without underwear ... " what the heck is going on?" I whispered, my ears sticking back in annoyance at being clueless.... 

" are you done or do I have to dress you? " I could have swore that he said he wouldn't mind ... Which almost resulted in me pouncing on him, but luckily enough ... I'm actually not in a psycopath mood . I only dared poke my head out slightly. 

" who are you ?" 

" uh, brad ? I thought I was meant to interview you?"  

" didn't I kill you ?" 

" would I be here if you did?" 

" but you look j-just-t l-like ..." I choked and stuttered as his glare sliced into my lungs, stopping any air get into them, all playfullness gone. 

" don't you dare say that name " he snarled, balling his fists up, in a manor that I ducked back into my hiding spot in fear of being attacked. Hearing a huge slam that confirmed a good factor of my suspicions being true. 

At least I'm hidden, and the doors open, which is where I made my sudden dash too, stoping dead in the hallway, and I'm lost ... I felt a hard grip on my shoulder, having a huge guess, I think... That could be him. 

" at least you realised that running was a mistake... Now get back inside so I can get the information I've been told to collect. " 

" I just want to go home !" 

" your not the only one. Inside!" he growled, forcefully shoving me inside even to my protests, and I sighed, giving up my false hopes for freedom and halted as the door was locked behind me. Yeah it's for extra precortions, but I honestly, don't like knowing, nothing can get out, or come in. Unless they're like a troll or something . Yet again I went to go slide back under the bed but wound up on it . 

" just sit and answer the questions! Your making things difficult!" 

" uh, fine." 

" I just have to confirm, your names jasmin correct ?" 

" yes " 

" Are you the shadow spirit?"  

" I think so " 

" okay, I'm done " 

" that's it?" 

" sure, not a lot of info is needed " 

" can I leave now?" 

" no way, we're here to protect you. Yet, your complaining ?" 


" the angel? Are you insane?" 

" let me. Go now!" 

" goodbye " he winked and evacuated the room, before I got superbly annoyed, just. 

How do I get out of here now ?

A/N : Short filler.

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