Chapter 8 (P2)

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Can A Demon Die? 


Chapter 8 ~ 

I was an utter idiot. Ever since I said that stupid yes, he wont leave me alone! I can't do anything anymore, if I want to read a book, he'll sit me on his lap, I'm cool with that, and when I'm going for my wandering walks, he'll come up to me and hold my hand, or even carry me when I'm tired. That's really sweet actually, those are adorable, and now, I can always have something cosy to sit on or be useful when I'm tired.

What isn't fun is when I get no privacy, He interrupted my shower twice this week. I found myself blushing at the thought, not forgetting that in his words he 'made up for it'. If you get my drift. Except yesterday when I didn't wear something he wanted me too, he chased me and pinned me down. Forcing the stupid dress on. . . That's not cool.

It seemed like this was about to happen again, since he was invading my room and smiling. And carrying something. Well what do you know, a bag. How interesting. He spun it around his hand and gave it to me. Well to say I was worried about what was inside was a small understatement. I was terrified. 

He nodded. Continuing to grimace I handed it back. " Knowing you Demetri . . . "

" Oh come on! I just bought you something!"

" It's heavy though." Which made me wonder again. 

His hand reached in and pulled out the biggest bottle of mountain dew I'd ever lay eyes on. My eyes probably resembled a cat with catnip. Man, that was my own version of catnip! I fell to my knees, tears streaming from my eyes, " Do you know how much I love you right now?"

" No I don't, care to enlighten me." I felt my tail swishing happily as I leaped at him, trying to kiss him anywhere I possibly could. I was happy beyond words. Purring again, he reached into the bag again, pulling out a piece of cloth. " and since I saw it and thought of you ..." I smirked at the hoodie that had been pulled out of the bag. It had cat ears and paws attached to it. 

" Forever helpful and amazing aren't you?"

" Yes I am."

" So dummy . . . " He started scowling. " I am going out today, you are welcome to stalk me as you please yet it's rather creepy when you do. Stop it!"

" I told you, your never leaving my sights again. I mean it. Now, if your so embarrassed to see me in public with you, maybe I'll hide and go pretend I'm with other people."

" If you mean that how I think you mean that I'll break yours and her neck!" 

" So you don't mind?"

" Nope"

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Staring at me, he looked amused by the chosen destination. An animal shelter. I looked up at him with pleading eyes. I want another pet Jasper grew up and is currently in school so. I don't really get to talk to him as much as I'd like too. Except we all think he has a girlfriend, or a friends with benefits thing going on. 

He asked for his own mobile and then he hasn't been off the thing since he got it, he's quite a fast texter too. Although I was the first to notice when I crept up behind him. There were a few hearts being sent between a conversation, and he was beaming... So I went and blabbed and now everyone's on his case. No-one's worse than Reece though.

This is why I need a new pet, one that isn't going to turn into a human and get a girlfriend that they wont tell me about. Demetri sighed. " You want a pet now?"  I nodded. " You have a pet."

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